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HERA MD Provence

Developed in 2015 by Dr. Raluca Hera, MD PhD, Hera MD Provence offers luxurious, high performance, chemical free cosmeceuticals – Skincare Products & Spa therapies, 100 % natural, meticulously crafted using the purest botanical extracts, organic where possible.

Hera MD Provence takes a holistic anti-ageing approach to BEAUTY that goes beyond skin care to overall wellbeing, by joining the natural BEAUTY power of organic plants with maximum therapeutic benefit, and the concept of luxury. Hera MD Provence offers holistic, cosmeceutical and chemical free skincare that is handmade with love, passion, high quality and intelligence, to ensure your indulgence and your wellbeing every day.

They provide luxurious, high performance, natural and anti-ageing skin solutions that are achieved through combining most advanced science with the best and purest natural ingredients. Hera MD Provence products contain the finest natural ingredients sourced in a responsible and sustainable manner. They stand by the purity of their ingredients, and every single one is listed on the label of their products.

The products are formulated by Dr. Raluca Hera and manufactured in France. The main ingredient categories used in their products are: botanical cold pressed-oils, therapeutic-grade essential oils, natural organic plant hydrosols, Kangen water, plant essences, French Provence sun-dried sea clays, high performance targeted plant-derived anti-ageing ingredients, vitamins and trace minerals.

Hera MD Provence do not use synthetic perfumes, dyes, fillers, parabens, petrochemical or synthetic substances, sulfates, silicones or GMO’s. All of their products can be safely used during pregnancy and lactation. Their products are not tested on animals and all their ingredients are plant derived. Hera MD Provence packaging is recyclable biophotonics violet glass that preserves the bio-energy through protection from light based on the concept ‘Light for physical health’.


Hera MD Provence has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and company-wide commitments to sustainability.

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