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GinT Rubro

A passion for nature and lifes simple pleasures is at the heart of GinT Rubro 

The story of GinT is written by two friends, Tiago and Rute, in love with gin. It is a journey that begins with precious childhood moments under a fig tree that offered them shade and a respite from the summer heat in their native Tras-Os-Montes in Portugal. No breeze, no noise: just the buzzing of wasps around sweet figs. By infusing their unique gin with fig tree bark and other natural, locally sourced ingredients such as nutmeg, orange peel and elderflower, GinT embodies a nostalgic, blissful moment in every sip. Tiago and Rutes shared passion for simplicity and the outdoors are blended together into a thoughtfully crafted premium spirit.

GinT uses time-honored traditions with a fresh, innovative lens to provide a unique and distinct experience. From the countless methods that are available to gin makers, GinT chooses classic distillation as it draws the most strength and flavor from its natural ingredients in the purest way possible. Having completed extensive research on botany, distillation, chemistry and more, Tiago and Rute experimented until they landed upon the bold and strong Rubro – their signature Portuguese gin with the unmistakable aroma of fig bark.

An overproof gin, with 58% ABV, opens up a universe of cocktails, beyond the fantastic G&T’s it makes. The cork cap is made from natural Portuguese cork, specially developed to fit the bottle and withstand a spirit of this strength without ruining its taste.

Mindful production is central to GinTs approach. From their commitment to efficient energy use, replacing single-use plastic where possible and supporting local communities, they are devoted to minimising their environmental footprint, while maximising their social impact. GinT offers a premium spirit with a personal touch.



GinT Rubro has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and company-wide commitments to sustainability.

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