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Frank Darling was founded with the ambitious goal of making sustainable fine jewelry more accessible than ever before.

Frank Darling has a zero-tolerance policy for conflict diamonds and achieve this by not only strictly adhering to the Kimberley Process, but also by buying directly from the source and avoiding countries with poor track records for human rights and conflict. Frank Darling is charting the future course of ethical gemstone and mineral sourcing, to carry out their commitment to a shorter, better supply chain, in partnership with technology leaders.

Diamonds really are meant to be forever, and with a commitment to sustainability, Frank Darling is making a new option available to consumers ”” reclaimed diamonds. By partnering with refineries, Frank Darling recuts and finishes old diamonds with modern equipment to make them shine as good as new. This prevents unnecessary diamond mining. Gold mining is entirely avoided too, by making every ring out of high quality 100% recycled precious metals, with no fillers, vermeils, platings, or other inferior substitutes.

Where the traditional diamond industry falls short on clarity, Frank Darling makes finding the perfect diamond easier than ever. Using sophisticated algorithms, Frank Darling analyzes over a million diamonds available, scores them on 26 different factors ranging from clarity to traceability, and curates a selection of the highest quality, most responsibly sourced diamonds.


Frank Darling has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and company-wide commitments to sustainability.

Want to learn more? Click on the interactive Butterfly Mark on your left and scroll through each Positive Action to read a short description of the brands efforts and achievements as verified by Positive Luxury. You will also be able to find the interactive Butterfly Mark online on the brands website, retailer and partner sites.

Featured Products

By finding the best diamonds from across the world, they help you create the perfect custom ring. Frank Darlings catalog of engagement rings was created by award winning designer, Elise Coleman. Each of the five collections present a different point of view on the quintessential, modern engagement ring.

Frank Darling provides sustainable and responsibly sourced options for every preference and price point. Whether responsibly sourced, lab-grown, or recycled, they will find the best option for you. The brand makes the process incredibly simple: responsibly sourced diamonds, paired with custom-designed rings, and lovingly put together by local craftsmen.

High quality at an honest price.

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