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Designed in England since 2001, Fleur of England crafts uniquely beautiful lingerie & nightwear collections inspired by the idea of modern sensuality. Each piece is designed to fit exquisitely, making the wearer feel valued, confident and sensual.

Launched in 2001 under the name Fleur T, Fleur of England is a culmination of founder Fleur Turners childhood dreams and experience within the fashion and lingerie industry.

Turner’s childhood was spent cutting up her mother’s old clothing and repurposing it as corsets, so it was only fitting for her to follow this passion, working in lingerie boutiques while she studied fashion marketing at university.

After working as a lingerie designer for other brands, Turner decided to take the leap in 2001 and start her own business. Fleur T was an immediate success. In 2008, Turner decided to rebrand her business to match the luxury feel of her pieces, changing the name to Fleur of England.

A high level of craftsmanship, attention to detail and high-quality fabrics define the Fleur of England aesthetic. Apart from Chinese silk, all of the fabrics are sourced in Europe and produced in a small Portuguese factory Turner has been working with for almost 15 years.

2019 was a year of big changes for the company with Turner embarking on a second rebrand, focusing on becoming more transparent as a business and where possible, more sustainable. This involves working towards minimising their waste through using less paper, less single-use plastic, and less packaging, as well as working with more charities.

With almost 20 years in the lingerie business, Turner infuses her passion for design and creativity into every Fleur of England collection. She is dedicated to the future of her brand, as well as the women she works with and creates for.

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Impact and Commitment

Impact and Commitment


Fleur of England is actively working to reduce waste throughout their operations, using recycled products where possible. They are switching to digital invoices rather than paper, minimising single use plastic, and introducing new packaging made from recycled materials for SS20. The brand is using DHL Go Green for their deliveries, as well as promoting slow fashion, encouraging consumers to shop for high-quality, well-designed pieces that will outlast their fast fashion counterparts.


Fleur of England works with two charities: Bee Worldwide and Coppafeel. Bee World Wide is a non-for-profit organisation that helps rebuild the ecosystems that are vital for bees to regenerate their colonies.  Fleur of England’s promotion allowed them to donate a portion of their profits to their efforts. Coppafeel is a breast cancer awareness charity that focuses on promoting early detection of breast cancer by encouraging women under 30 to have regular breast exams. Again, during their promotion, Fleur of England made a donation for every product sold.


Fleur of England has corporate policies for human rights, labour and employment, diversity and health and safety. The brand also has a gender equal pay policy. They regularly visit their Portuguese factory to ensure they are working within EU laws, and their Chinese factory is Business Social Compliance Initiative-certified.

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