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ELI-O jewellery is designed and produced to last for generations, and to serve as a reminder of a special moment. Timeless and beautiful, each ELI-O piece is meant to be an adornment as well as a kind of protection that only gets more precious with age.

While studying law, Elisa Pantazopoulos realised she wanted to do something with her hands. After discovering the world of jewellery and what it takes to manufacture pieces, she started taking night courses to study it. Elisa continued to fall in love with the process, and the fact that people form such a strong connection to jewellery, keeping it in their families for generations.

 ELI-O was born, named for both herself and for Helios, the god of the sun, to keep her work connected with her Greek heritage. Greece is a place where Elisa finds a lot of inspiration, from the nature, the buildings and the light. She also has a fascination with ancient Greek jewellery, which informs a lot of her designs. It’s timeless purity and beauty has withstood the test of time, and these are the kinds of pieces she aims to make under her own brand.

 Each ELI-O ring, bracelet, necklace and earring is perfectly imperfect, and has its own story to tell that will carry on as it’s passed down. Elisa believes that her pieces will become a part of the wearer, and only get more beautiful as the years pass. And that beauty is designed and developed without taking a toll on people or the planet. Elisa is committed to sustainability and keeping her production local, and she only uses recycled 18K gold and sterling silver 925. Her suppliers are local, and each piece is cast in Geneva where her studio is based so she can support local business.

 Elisa also uses a handmade technique to make her jewellery called lost wax casting. This gives the pieces an organic feel, and each one is simple and delicate, but meant for everyday wear. ELI-O jewellery is about the creation of modern heirlooms that help the wearer keep their memories close.



Eli-O has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and ACTION to sustainability.

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Impact and Commitment



ELI-O is committed to several UN Sustainable Development Goals, including Goal 4 that helps ensure a quality education for all, Goal 5, which helps empower women and girls, and Goal 6, which promotes sustainable economic growth and decent work for all.
ELI-O ensures that all of their suppliers have strict codes of conduct and that they provide safe working conditions for their employees. They also has policies in place to ensure that any models they work with are cared for and protected during their work with the brand.


ELI-O’s sustainability strategy is based on the lifetime quality of the pieces, and the brand’s commitment to environmental care through educating consumers on the use of recycled gold and silver. The brand’s pieces are meant to be kept for life, and passed along through generations. Along with recycled gold, ELI-O uses conflict-free stones and only makes pieces with precious materials to ensure they last. More than 60% of the raw materials the pieces are made of are traced.
The brand is taking steps to reduce the amount of fuel used through production, and all of their suppliers and subcontractors are very near to their Geneva studio. The founder takes public transit to pick up the pieces from her caster herself.


All of ELI-O’s suppliers are Fairmined certified, and all of the diamonds have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict. 80 to 99% of the diamonds used in the brand’s pieces are subject to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, and the gemstones and semi-precious stones are SCS Responsible Source-certified. All of the brand’s suppliers are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council. No synthetic stones are used in ELI-O pieces.

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ELI-O works with their suppliers to eliminate hazardous substances from their supply chain, and their suppliers have policies to ensure the safe disposal of any hazardous waste or chemicals. All of the products and packaging are PVC-free, and the founder is committed to eliminating single-used plastic from the supply chain.


All of ELI-O’s consumer product packaging is made of recycled materials, and each piece is delivered to the consumer in a linen bag, which is an eco-friendly textile. All of the paper used in product packaging is FSC and PEFC-certified.
ELI-O has a take-back scheme for customers, as well. If a piece breaks, the founder will repair it for them. If the owner’s tastes change, she can also adjust elements of the piece to create something new. ELI-O also offers a jewel polishing service to restore the shine of the piece.

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