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Christian Dior

Dior is a French luxury goods brand founded in 1946 by Christian Dior, who changed the face of fashion with the ‘New Look’. Dior is part of LVMH group, who are taking various steps to protect people and the planet.

Christian Dior is part of LVMH group, who are taking various steps to protect people and the planet. Measures have been put in place to minimise water and energy usage and the emission of greenhouse gases. The quality of the natural, agricultural and urban landscapes is a priority for LVMH group and all Group sites are carefully designed to seamlessly blend into their environment.

LVMH group also implements every resource to facilitate the recovery of its wastes. The employees in all group companies have received special training, and each work station on their production sites is equipped with selective sorting containers. Reducing energy consumption per ton of product manufactured enables to combine economic benefits and lesser effects on the environment: Parfums Christian Dior energy consumption thus dropped from 14.2 MWh in 1999 to 8.6 MWh in 2003 per ton of product manufactured.


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Since 1992, Parfums Christian Dior has been practising selective sorting at the source for all its wastes at its Saint Jean de Braye site. Non-hazardous industrial waste materials (paper, cardboard, plastic, etc.) are sorted by type in identified containers and are removed to recycling plants. Hazardous industrial waste (toxic waste from labs, car and small batteries, etc.) are handed over, pursuant to regulations, to specialists who reprocess or recycle the materials. In 2003 the company designed and distributed a pamphlet to train all employees in selective sorting at its site in Saint Jean de Braye.

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