Beulah London

Beulah London is a luxury womenswear brand based on British design, heritage and theempowerment of women all over the world. Beulah signifies a new luxury wherethe focus goes beyond the materialistic into a lifestyle brand that acts as avehicle for doing good and a voice for change. As a quintessentiallyBritish brand, Beulah primarily designs effortlessly elegant occasion and dayto evening wear that transcends age and seasons with its classic and timelessstyle. Beulah's mission is to become a global lifestyle luxury brand whichhas a long term, positive impact on society by providing an alternative,sustainable livelihood to victims of human trafficking and educating people oftheir plight. 

Beulah traces its origins back to 2009, whenNatasha and Lavinia had an opportunity to work in Atulya, an aftercare home inthe Delhi slums. Having witnessed the harrowing effects of human traffickingfirst hand they felt compelled to do something about it. From this was born anidea of launching a luxury fashion label with a conscience. 

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