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Benedetti Life

Through encouraging the coexistence of luxury, eco-consciousness and ethics, Benedetti Life crafts beautiful pieces that meld fashion and art. Their commitment to design and innovation help them make their clothing and accessories both timeless and sustainable.

Before founding Benedetti Life in the summer of 2019, Slovenia-based Mateja Benedetti was a costume designer for opera houses and theatres. Her beautifully designed pieces graced fairs and shows in Paris, Milan and Singapore. And now, with Benedetti Life, she is creating sustainable and animal-free luxury fashion with passion and care.

Using only non-toxic and organic textiles throughout the production cycle, Benedetti Life makes caring for the environment a top priority. Nothing they do harms waterways, soil or human health. They produce everything locally in Italy, and also prioritise their workers’ conditions and health.

Every Benedetti Life collection focusses on a particular species that is under threat because of poaching, climate change and the destruction of habitats. Through creating beautiful clothing and accessories, they aim to capture the beauty of the animals that inspire them, and in turn, raise awareness of the conservation that needs to happen. Birds are often a favourite motif of the brand, and because several types of parrots are endangered because of illegal trade and loss of habitat, you’ll find the parrot in Benedetti Life’s last collection. Not only do those birds make for vibrant pieces, but they also help to highlight the fact that several of these intelligent creatures are on the verge of extinction.

Through all of these commitments, Benedetti Life believes they can help transform the fashion industry and help protect the planet.

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Impact and Commitment

Impact and Commitment


All of the materials Benedetti Life uses are certified by Oeko-Tex and the Global Organic Textile Standard. They use both recycled and reclaimed textiles in their collections, and they are a part of the Better Cotton Initiative. All raw materials Benedetti Life uses are sourced from sustainably-managed ecosystems. The brand does not use PVC, propylene glycol or micro beads in any of their products, and All of the brand’s textile suppliers are also certified under by Fair Trade, Oeko-Tex and the Global Organic Textile Standard, with the founder personally overseeing all relationships with those suppliers. 


Benedetti Life is a part of Cruelty Free International, and uses animal-free textiles, which means they are also fur-free and angora-free.  All of their production is vegan, and they are PETA-approved.


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Benedetti Life has systems in place to manage, monitor and reduce their water consumption throughout their production, and they have set measured targets to minimise the amount of water they use. They use digital printing, and their suppliers have policies in place to ensure that all hazardous waste or chemicals are disposed of safely. 

All of Benedetti Life’s product packaging is made of recycled and recyclable materials, and they work with Repack to make their packaging even more sustainable. All of their marketing materials are also made of recycled and recyclable materials. 


Through only buying fair trade textiles, Benedetti Life supports the local communities in Slovenia and Italy where they operate. They are child labour-free, and have a gender equal pay policy wherein they pay everyone the same per hour, per project.

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