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ATP Atelier

ATP Atelier are recognised for their timeless footwear and accessories which combine minimalist Scandinavian design with skilled Italian craftsmanship.

ATP Atelier was founded in 2011 by Maj-La Pizzelli and Jonas Clason on the principal of smart luxury. Their vision subverts the prevailing concept of luxury by empowering their customers to spend their time and money on the things and experiences in life that last, both for their own sake, but also for the world we live in.

ATP Atelier create their footwear and accessories by working exclusively with small scale factories in Italy, each of which are signatory to their Code of Conduct. They collaborate closely with each producer, always aiming to preserve and celebrate the skills involved in the production of handmade leather goods.

Through working with independent factories, ATP Atelier can also ensure short lead times from order to delivery, with no minimum quantities. This means they are able to produce in-line with demand, avoiding overproduction and reducing waste from unused excess materials.

ATP Atelier recognise that their commitment to sustainability is an on-going journey and they are always looking for ways to further reduce their impact on people and the planet. Part of their team will spend Spring 2021 living close to their factories in Italy, furthering their close relationship with them as key suppliers and influencing them to further their own sustainability journeys.



ATP Atelier has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for their measurable impact and ACTION to sustainability.

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Impact and Commitment



ATP Atelier was founded on the principle of designing consciously. Using leather that has the least possible impact on people and the planet is essential to the brand, they source over 70% of their leather from suppliers that are Leather Working Group certified and use vegetable-tanning processes. In addition, 100% of their hides are sourced from inside the EU and 100% of leather suppliers use closed-loop water systems. The brand is also committed to being fur-free.

All ATP Atelier’s products are designed with longevity in mind, with styles remaining relevant across seasons and over years. They never follow short term trends and as a result, their pieces are lasting investments for their customers.


ATP Atelier has a robust code of conduct in place with its main suppliers ensuring fair labour, minimum wage compliance and environmental stewardship. They are currently in the process of ensuring suppliers further down their supply chain are also signatory to this code of conduct, whilst mapping their entire supply chain from farm to customer.


At ATP Atelier diversity, inclusion and inclusivity are rooted as part of the company’s core values. They ensure a discrimination free environment for all employees and continue to work with their suppliers to influence their social impact.

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