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Webinars, goal setting and zines: how certified brands keep team members engaged with sustainability

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Webinars, goal setting and zines: how certified brands keep team members engaged with sustainability

At Positive Luxury we believe that your sustainability journey should be driven at every level of your business, engaging teams, partners and stakeholders. We recently asked our Butterfly Mark-certified community about the challenges of engaging team members in their sustainability strategy, and to share what they have found to be most effective.

From webinars and e-zines to setting clear goals and collaborating with suppliers, Butterfly Mark certified businesses offer inspirational ideas, leadership and insight into how your business can best engage teams.

At The Macallan we place a great deal of emphasis on engaging our teams in our sustainability strategy.  Our first step was to host a series of global internal webinars to introduce our strategy to our team members. We did this back in October 2019. This was followed quickly by the launch of a dedicated Sustainability Learning Module hosted on The Macallan Academy – our digital educational platform. On an ongoing basis we also engage our people through regular status reports, presentations and a quarterly informational e-zine titled Sustainability News. Sustainability News is a 30 page interactive, multi-media ‘publication’ which curates news and initiatives from luxury peer brands and brands innovating in areas of particular relevance to our own strategy, plans and targets. It’s intended to stimulate, inspire and motivate our people and it keeps us all informed of the fast-paced innovations happening around us. We are definitely on our way towards embedding a natural sustainability mindset in our people and our subsequent decision making processes through these forms of engagement with the objective that, over time, it becomes a ‘lived’ way of thinking that comes as second nature to us all.

Elizabeth McMillan, Head of Sustainability, The Macallan 


At Santicler, we are a very small, passionate team of professionals that want to change the apparel industry practices for the better. We always focus on implementable goals and small incremental improvements. This approach makes the progress measurable and keeps everyone engaged and focussed on the long term goal of becoming a circular company.

Monica Magdas Miller, CEO,  Santicler


As a start-up, it is crucial that every employee cares about the brand’s mission. We have been recruiting individuals who believe in sustainability and understand the social and environmental issues that we are committed to tackling as a business.

Alessandro Vergano, Founder and CEO of KAMPOS


As a small team it is really important that everyone is completely brought into our sustainability values from the off. The most effective way to do this is via weekly calls when marketing speaks to our operations team. We then share the realities of supply chain/supplier efforts against what we aim to achieve from a brand. Often our desires for a brand do not meet our standards, so regular and collaborative calls with our suppliers is key.

    Susie Willis, Founder and CEO of Romilly Wilde

Written by - Jamie Moore

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