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Sustainability Best Practice: KAMPOS On Innovation, Plastics and Charity

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Sustainability Best Practice: KAMPOS On Innovation, Plastics and Charity

The journey to net zero is a collective one, with the destination out of reach without the open sharing of information and collaboration between brands. To help facilitate that process, we recently spoke to KAMPOS. During the process of earning the Butterfly Mark, we were impressed by their innovative production process, their approach to plastics and charity, and how this all ties into a holistic relationship with the ocean.


Sustainable material innovation is at the core of KAMPOS. Every piece of swimwear they create uses either recycled PET or Econyl nylon, both of which are created from recycled materials.

Their swim shorts are made from recycled plastic bottles collected from the Mediterranean Sea, using seven recycled plastic bottles to produce each pair. 80 grams of abandoned fishing nets are used to make the regenerated nylon that goes into their swimsuits and bikinis.

Remarkably, they have extended this approach to their organic cotton and natural cashmere. When creating these fibres – in addition to organic cotton from producers who don’t use any toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilisers or natural cashmere from highly regarded suppliers who can guarantee full traceability and certifications –  PET bottles are washed and mechanically ground, then converted into flakes to be transformed into the new polymer ready for the spinning stage. The polymer is extruded, span into Newlife™ yarn, which becomes the base for the unique textile they use.

When speaking with Melanie Hiernard, KAMPOS’ Director of Marketing, she shared that ‘the luxury industry is the industry that sets the upcoming trends. There is an undeniable need to reinvent ourselves and challenge norms that are obsolete and damage our planet. Our goal is to transform marine pollution by using plastic bottles or fishing nets as our main materials to produce a high-quality and timeless range of products. Our production method guarantees the recycling of our products infinitely.’

What we found especially inspiring about this was how KAMPOS has identified that because they profit from the ocean, it is also their responsibility to preserve it. Whilst not fully circular, their production model is truly innovative and is undoing some of the damage done to nature.

Plastics & Recycling

We want to make people reflect and encourage them to take actions for the good of our planet as we tell our brand story

Alessandro Vergano, CEO and Founder

In addition to their excellent work on materials, KAMPOS have extended their progressive attitude to plastics across their entire business. As part of this work they have instituted a zero-plastic policy across all of their plastics and packaging: no single-use plastics are used anywhere in their products or packaging. The packaging itself is fully recycled, recyclable, and FSC/PEFC certified.

Impressively, KAMPOS recently launched a pop-up at Credit Suisse Europaallee 26 in Zürich that was built entirely using recycled materials, with design features like recycled PET plastic bottles trapped inside a fishing net hanging from the ceiling. Alessandro Vergano, CEO and Founder of KAMPOS had this to say about the pop-up: ‘Everything we do must be creative and impactful. We want to make people reflect and encourage them to take actions for the good of our planet as we tell our brand story’.

This is a demonstration of the brand’s genuine commitment to sustainable practice in every possible opportunity, and demonstrates that it is a genuine part of their values.


KAMPOS are an official partner of the One Ocean Foundation, a charity dedicated to the preservation of our marine environment. They donate part of their proceeds to the charity, supporting their daily activities, which include education, scientific research, communication and environmental impact. In addition, they raise awareness of environmental protection while stimulating constructive relations between all stakeholders, of varying age groups and involved on different levels, in the preservation of marine ecosystems. Its mission is to accelerate solutions to ocean issues, promoting a sustainable blue economy and enhancing knowledge through ocean literacy.

To read more about KAMPOS’ sustainability efforts, read their Positive Luxury brand page.

Written by - Jacob Corner

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