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World Cleanup Day 2020: What does ‘a world without waste’ mean to you?

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World Cleanup Day 2020: What does ‘a world without waste’ mean to you?

This Saturday marks World Cleanup Day, a global initiative that invites people around the world to make a positive impact by helping to clean up waste in their local area. To mark the occasion and create more awareness of this important issue, we asked the Positive Luxury community what a world without waste means to them.

Tessa Gerlach, Founder of Elephant Gin

“‘A world without waste’ is a world where we use waste as a resource. There will always be waste, but there is an opportunity to process materials that are earth-friendly and reusable. Piñatex, Bloom Foam and Orange Fiber are just some examples [of brands doing this well]. So let’s clean up; not only the waste that we have produced thus far, but [let’s] also look at each of our production processes to find out how to [be] less wasteful and more resourceful.”

Monica Magdas Miller, Founder of Santicler

“A world without waste calls upon all businesses to build circularity into product design, development and operations. At Santicler, we are doing that by producing only what we actually sell, thus eliminating unwanted inventories and by using packaging that is recyclable, or fully compostable. We are also looking at ways to incentivise our consumers to bring their worn products back to us, so we can recycle them properly. This new upcycling program is something we are working on and hopefully will be able to launch in 2021.”

Jeremie de Fombelle, General Manager of Le Morne Resort, Mauritius part of LUX* Collective

“As a hotelier, I see a world where waste – especially food waste – would be fully eradicated from hotels and restaurants. Leftovers from buffets would be redistributed to schools and non-profit groups, and food purchased by the sector would be reduced by at least 25 per cent; a world where food recycling would be the norm. At LUX* Le Morne Resort, we are continually working towards that goal; and we’ve proven this is possible when we were recognised for our Zero Food Waste initiative at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards in 2019.”

Livia Manca di Villahermosa, Founder of Balance holidays

“‘A world without waste’ to me means a vibrant and thriving ecosystem, cleaner and clearer oceans and ultimately, a brighter future for the generations ahead. Above all, it would also mean social and environmental values will settle into our frame of minds, forging a permanent position that is both imperative and indispensable in everyday life and in every choice we make.”

Tanith Swinford, Creative Director of Jota-Kena

“To us at Jota-Kena, a world without waste is one where every individual is educated and takes personal responsibility for the health of the planet. With a constant focus on the bigger picture, it becomes easier to make daily decisions for the greater good. It’s always the little things that add up to make a big difference.”

Alessandro Vergano, Founder and CEO of Kampos

“‘A world without waste’ means a world with a greater conscience, accountability and respect towards humanity and environment in our everyday life and ways of consumption.”

The team at Skiim

“A world without waste, is a world in which humans guide [their] lives in such a way that all the materials that they discard […] become resources for others to use. In order to achieve this ideal, we all need to educate ourselves and make conscious choices in regards to the materials we are using, whether it is while we are designing, producing or consuming.”

Ivana Iesini, Founder of Albiva

“Reducing waste is one of the core principles at Albiva. As a natural brand, we take nature’s own model as an inspiration. In nature, there is no waste. Every organism, molecule and particle provides an environmental service during and after its life. We therefore challenge our understanding of waste and work with suppliers with the same ethos. As an example, the seeds from our cold pressed perilla oil are used as a bird feed. The manufacturer of our marine algae extract harvests the gasses produced during the growth stage to heat the factory. Our gemmotherapy extract is cultivated in an eco facility, reducing waste with controlled inputs. We utilise the whole raspberry fruit; raspberry water for the basis of our products, raspberry seed oil for massage and powdered raspberry seeds for exfoliation during our facial treatments. A ‘world without waste’ for us is an ethical and ecological principle, a goal and a vision which we believe as a society we are capable of achieving.”

Tina Bhojwani, Co-Founder & CEO of AERA

“It’s a world where we all truly embrace the concept of a circular economy to the point that it is integrated into all aspects of our lives. To us at AERA this would be a near perfect world.”

The team at Rusticae 

“The take, make and throw away model has to give way to movements such as the circular economy to achieve zero waste. We cannot keep filling our shopping cart in the supermarkets with plastics and more plastics that will end up filling our containers the next day. In our sector, we want to reduce the volume of waste by suggesting hotels offer solid or bulk cosmetics instead of infinite toiletries.”

Matea Benedetti, Founder of Benedetti Life 

“It is very difficult to imagine a world without waste, if that waste will not be exclusively biodegradable. If humanity could convert at least 60% of all industry waste to waste that is biodegradable, we would probably have a paradise on earth.”

Hannah Coffin, Founder and CEO of Needle & Thread 

“To me, a world without waste means a much cleaner and brighter future. My aim has always been to operate a responsible business and in order to do this, I believe it is important to consistently review the impact of our actions. Needle & Thread’s timeless pieces are designed to have longevity to reduce landfill waste.”

Written by - Nina Timms

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