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Our community on how they plan to grow while maintaining the things they learnt during this ‘great pause’

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Our community on how they plan to grow while maintaining the things they learnt during this ‘great pause’

The pandemic has caused one of the greatest pauses in recent-history, and a period of both growth and reflection for businesses and individuals around the world. We asked our brand community how they plan to grow following this pause whilst also maintaining what they’ve learnt during this period.

Virginia Stone, Founder of Virginia Stone

“For me, the current crisis and state of our world, has only solidified my mission and the path of our brand. It is easy to become distracted, operating from a fear-driven reactive position, making short-term detrimental decisions that can impact the future of your brand. You must stay true to your vision, as a founder, and lead your team through adversity”.

Monica Magdas Miller, Founder of Santicler

“One of the main things I learned during this ‘great pause’ is to have infinite patience and take it slow. This is the complete opposite of my nature. I want to take this patience going forward as I build the company. It will take time to do it right, it will take years, and I am finally prepared to accept that. I’ve also come to embrace the idea that small is actually better, and my long term goals have shifted towards building a healthy, financially sustainable business, versus an explosive growth one that would be incredibly vulnerable in a time like this”.

Natasha Robertson, Owner and Director of Lagom 

“Continuing to grow is a naturally occurring result of time passing, experience and learning through these experiences.  Growth now is shaped by the experience of the ‘great pause’. Like a pole put in the garden for beans, we have wrapped ourselves around it, clung to it and now we grow upwards because of it. We’re leaner, we take greater care where we step, maybe take fewer risks but make sure we bring everyone with us, team, guests, industry peers. We are closer now, we grow together.”

Sara Sánchez Remacha, CEO of Rusticae 

“Despite all the suffering, this pause has been very useful to find my core values. It has been the best starting point to adapt to all the changes that come. In a very resilient way, we have to focus on new circumstances. I will continue having pauses to keep the inner calm that allows me to make decisions.”

Tanith Swinford, Creative Director of Jota-Kena

“Challenges are part of life. What they produce in us depends on our response. Thus, we’ve learned to walk through various seasons, looking for lessons that are instrumental in shaping us into stronger and wiser versions of ourselves. A lesson is only truly ‘learned’ once you have allowed it to alter your actions on a daily basis. In moving forward, we therefore embrace change, understanding that the world within us creates the world around us”.

Richard Eagleton, CEO of McQueens Flowers 

“I fundamentally believe that the achievement of all future growth will be entirely conditional on making use of those things I learned about myself and the business during lockdown. I cannot see a world that grows economically, socially or emotionally while making a conscious effort to keep hold of some lessons learned in fear that they are lost – as if they are somehow opposing forces or ideas”!

Joanne Milner, Chief Executive of Garrard

“For me, this time hasn’t only been about personal growth. I have also learnt the importance of working together as a team, something which has been more crucial than ever. Everyone at Garrard, regardless of their role or responsibilities has had to work more creatively and innovatively with each other, our clients and partners. I am sure we will continue to take these learnings forward, even after this ‘great pause’ is over.”

 Bav Tailor Founder of Bav Tailor

“Conscious Balance within my workspace and personal life is the key for me to evolve from past systems. Dedicating a balanced amount of time for life’s little luxuries is fundamental to gain more clarity and be more astute in business strategies. My focus will be to continue building a community who share our philosophy, to gain further insight into their requirements and in turn implement systems that can elevate our mission to the next phase”.

 Amy Christiansen, Founder of Sana Jardin

“I launched Sana Jardin to demonstrate that commerce can be used as a vehicle for social change whilst also economically empowering low-income women. Following recent events, I want to take that mission further and transform from a community based social impact business to one that expands and amplifies a more globally inclusive focus. We believe in the power of business; to help to create economic opportunities, equality and give people of all backgrounds the game changing importance of influence”.

Loredana Spiezia, Managing and Marketing Director of Inlight Beauty

“During this ‘great pause’ we haven’t asked ourselves ‘what do we need to do to make more sales?’ but ‘what have we learned and what do we have uniquely to offer?’. We know we don’t just offer products but a mindful journey into beauty inside and out. We have grown as individuals in our belief that what matters is who you are and what you need to live a beauty-full life for you and the Planet. Our business will reflect this even more through the transformational experience our products aim to offer. The ‘pause’ has just reinforced this belief giving us the chance to develop new formulas enriched by our personal growth so…’new normal’ here we come!

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Written by - Nina Timms

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