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In case you missed it: Watch The Power of Our Planet

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In case you missed it: Watch The Power of Our Planet

We kicked off our new webinar series, The Power Series, in March. Yesterday, our episode called The Power of Our Planet, went live as an exceptional virtual screening of Our Planet: Our Business. Created for WWF by the Emmy® Award-winning Silverback Films, this film, inspired by the original Our Planet Netflix series, raises one of the most important questions of our time: How can business help to tackle the world’s environmental crisis?

With insight from three amazing thought leaders. Anya Hindmarch CBE, founder of her eponymous brand and one of our community members; Paula Chin, WWF-UK’s Sustainable Materials Specialist; and Rhiannon Shah, Business Lead on WWF’s Our Planet team discussed the film, sharing their views on what’s at stake if we continue with ‘business as usual’ and how our sector can respond.

Before the screening of Our Planet: Our Business, Rhiannon Shah explained the importance of this film and how it relates to businesses.

“We can create a much better world, it wont happen by default” was said in the generic of the film.

The discussion was lead by questions from Positive Luxury CEO and Co-founder, Diana Verde Nieto, she started by asking Anya Hindmarch about her sustainability journey and the “I am not a plastic bag” campaign.

“We have started this campaign with the simple aim of awareness around plastic. Don’t use plastic bags, re-use and recycle.” Anya Said. “The number of plastic bags prior the project was 10 billion and was reduced to 6 after the campaign.”

Diana then followed up asking Paula Chin “Waste is just a resource in the wrong place” and asked how business could develop a generative economy.”

“Waste isn’t waste.” replied Paula. “It’s a ressource that we’ve taken away from the planet and mistreated.” “For businesses, use and recycle material, design the product to be used as many times as possible – this is where fast fashion falls down and the luxury market has a role to play . At last, design with circularity in mind. There shouldn’t be one product that is designed without the idea of what will happen to it at the end.”
Anya added “Its changing the conversation about good profit and good growth.”

The conversation was followed with questions to Rhiannon about how to start and how to incentive businesses for people-profit-planet.

“There are loads of roads maps available, but as a business should should look to where you have the biggest impact and how you can reduce it” said Rhiannon. “Looking at other companies who are doing it right, learning from competitors, from the industry – but also using your voice is important. Speaking up and telling that you want change.”

Paula then shared about news innovations, “Innovation around new materials isn’t always necessary beneficial to the environment” Paula said. “Innovation can be repurposing a material we used but also beware about greenwashing.”

Before moving on to the Q&A, the panel discussed the actions businesses should take to address this issues and what steps they should undertake. For more from each of our amazing panellists, including advice and the Q&A responses, watch the entire webinar by clicking on the button below. Then, register for the next episode in the webinar series on Thursday, 11th June, The Power of Our Planet.


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Written by - Maegan Rocca

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