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What the people in our brand community will focus on when we reach the ‘new normal’

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What the people in our brand community will focus on when we reach the ‘new normal’

The time that’s passing while we navigate through the current pandemic has made us think about the future. It’s hard to predict what our lives will look like when the worst part is behind us, but it’s easier to understand it as a sea change and make decisions about the things we can control. In light of this outlook, we asked the people in our brand community what they are planning to focus on as we come out of lockdown, but continue to navigate through the pandemic, returning to this incoming state of ‘new’ normal. From slowing down to being more considerate of nature, read on for each of their responses.

Mélissa Obeid, Founder at LA FERVANCE

“The most significant confinement memory – apart from spending quality time with my ‘tweens’ – was the incredible complicity felt with some long-standing personal/professional relationships, along with the blossoming of those who entered my journey either just before, or during total lock-down in Paris. I found the depth of these interactions, relative to the time we had known one another, to be just extraordinary. The appreciation of our LA FERVANCE mission, brand values, support of our journey during unprecedented times, ease and joy of every interaction – served to cement the integrity of our project and just how I intend to do business well into the future.  If the flow is not mutual or response not as expected, simply move on!  The world is full of those who will resonate with you and your brand, so there’s no point expending precious energy on those who don’t or won’t.”

Dr Mariano Spiezia, Scientific Director at Inlight Beauty

“To make choices we need information which has to be honest and independent. Isn’t this the core of democracy? This forced lockdown has been for many the chance to slow down, read more, listen more to what really matters to them and be more informed. When this is all over I’ll carry on focusing on what I am already doing right now: talk about the power of Nature, the strength and self-motivation we get when we align to it unveiling our own inner power, the beauty of sharing with likeminded people and discover we can actually have the better world we talk about by making choices from what we think, what we say, what we put in and on our body. We can be the change we want to see, borrowing Gandhi’s wisdom.”

Monica Magdas Miller, Founder and CEO of Santicler

“I believe that when this pandemic is over, the challenge of recovering from its impact will be felt for years to come and our behaviours will be forever altered. I see a lot of opportunity in this change, an opportunity to innovate and do things better than before. Therefore, my focus will be on improving and perfecting Santicler’s just-in-time manufacturing model so we can scale smartly, yet remain nimble and resilient in the face of challenges that are sure to arise again in the future.”

Danielle Fichera, Founder of Danielle Fichera

“During this challenging period, I have come to appreciate a slower and more thoughtful way of life. I want to take my time, enjoy my life a bit more and those around me. When faced with our own mortality, I realised, it is not what we do, not what we have, but who we love and who loves you. So many of the urgent things that once mattered, now hold little weight at all.”

Dawn Foxall, Founder of Foxology

“This time will have changed the way we will live. We have learnt a lot about ourselves, our surroundings and others and I hope that this is a positive step, that we will not immediately regress back to how it was. I look forward to how it can be. During lockdown it has been great to have some time to design some new pieces for Foxology; putting pencil to paper and designing clothes is my happy place. I am often in the factory with the knitter, so I have used the lockdown as a time to get creative and innovative.”

The team at Balance Holidays

“Our primary goal has always been to help each guest rediscover themselves and the values that are important to them, by disconnecting in a natural environment, through unique travel experiences. This will continue to be the primary focus because we believe our visions and outlooks are shifting from being overambitious with our schedules to taking it slow, valuing time to pause and reset and a modified emphasis on fundamental basics including family, love, communication, connection, healthy eating and mindful living. Which is why we have started offering personalised holidays for private groups to provide experiences as unique as you are and answer the newfound demands, while also suiting the current situation.”

Bav Tailor, Founder of Bav Tailor

“I think this Great Pause has taught us that to take care of the future we need to take care of the present. My focus as we step into this new normality is dedicating more time to my wellbeing, to the love and positivity that encircles me. Therefore, a morning smile to the sky, and to my new house plants Lily, Jasmine and Ginseng will set the tone for any challenges that may spring upon me.”

Bea Sanz Corella, Founder of Kmana

“One of the teachings brought by COVID has been that of slowing down and staying put, spending more time with family and having the time to reassess work and personal priorities. I hadn’t been put for more than 3 months for the past 20 years, always traveling, always moving to the next place, the next task… I have rediscovered the beauty of slowness, of taking one day at a time, of trusting despite the uncertainty, of feeling vulnerable. And more than anything the power of solidarity and what it means to be together. I hope to bring all this to rebuild a ‘new normal’ for me, my family, Kmana and my wanders.”

Tanith Swinford, Founder and Creative Director of Jota-Kena

“Navigating this challenging season, we’ve actively sought advice, perspective and growth through various webinars, books and study materials. We know that mentorship plays a vital role both in growing as individuals and building a healthy, successful brand. Thus, moving forward, we are intent on connecting with the right mentors and advisors. In turn, we want to be more deliberate in assisting other young designers and aspiring entrepreneurs in realising their dreams.”

Frits Hannenberg, General Manager of LUX* Grand Gaube Resort & Villas

‘Being in confinement has taught me how important it is to be present in the moment, whether it is time spent with family, colleagues, friends or myself. I will certainly be focusing on more meaningful ways to use my time by making the most of it and investing wisely in it.”

Richard Eagleton, CEO of McQueens Flowers

“Brilliant people. When I joined the business, I promised to make it a place where people would be able to do the best work of their lives, and to deliver on the team’s self-declared vision of being ‘the best flower business in the world to work for’. I have concluded that the most effective way to achieve that vision is to only employ brilliant people – for brilliant people are more motivated by working with other brilliant people than anything else.”

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Written by - Tara MacInnis

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