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How our brand community is staying connected

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How our brand community is staying connected

As we all practice social distancing and stay home as much as we can, forging meaningful connections is more important than other. From Instagram Live series to Zoom calls to digital support, our community of brands has found so many creative ways to stay connected during these difficult times. Read on to find out how they are remaining focused on the people supporting them.

Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed, Founder of Sana Jardin

“At Sana Jardin, we are fortunate that we had already established a direct-to-consumer business. We launched a ‘Scents and Sensibility’ campaign wherein we host weekly IG live events on a variety of subjects. We just finished a series that was meant to help people feel calm so that included guided meditation, a talk about astrology, kundalini yoga and sound healing. We are now about to launch Q&A IG Lives with notable people in business, non-profits and sustainability, and authors.”

Tanith Swinford, Co-founder of Jota-Kena

“Apart from communicating clearly and honestly with our customers during this time, we’ve endeavoured to be a source of inspiration and encouragement. With a focus on instagram stories, where we’ve been sharing everything from art to music, quotes, books, and film photos from travels, customers are getting a closer glimpse into what inspires us creatively. This simple connecting point has not only yielded a marked increase in engagement, but also fulfilled the goal of lifting spirits during uncertain times.”

Lisa Franklin, Founder of Lisa Franklin

“Remaining in touch and accessible for our clients has been our number one priority since our private clinic closed. Discreet, luxury customer service and care is at the heart of the Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé, and when we haven’t been able to treat our clients, we have remained there for them via one on one phone calls or Zoom calls when they wish to discuss any skin health issues or product-related queries.”

Katherine Chan, Marketing Manager of Balance Holidays

“It goes without saying, being homebound can feel particularly stifling. Manifested in increased restlessness and unease, for many of us, going online becomes the default option to escape it all. Since the online world is taken as the outlet and because Balance Holidays is a curator and designer of exclusive wellbeing short-breaks, we have decided to stay true to our purpose. Providing the space to withdraw from stress and routine to connect, think, create and breathe, by generating uplifting, mindful and inspirational content that not only allows our audience to disconnect but keeps them dreaming too. Our founder, Livia, goes by the mantra ‘life without dreams is like a rainbow without colour.’ With this in mind, we make a conscious effort to not overwhelm our audience all the while being fun and engaging!”

The team at KAPLAN MD

“We are extremely grateful for our passionate KAPLAN MD community, and we hope to be a skincare haven for everyone that connects with the brand. We’re staying connected by engaging in meaningful communication, discussing skin issues, opening up educational conversations with Dr. Kaplan, sharing informative topics such as ‘how to virtually hang out with friends’, and how to build an at-home spa for the perfect self-care day. We also kicked off a KMD Cares giveaway, which allows followers to nominate a friend they are grateful for to win a KAPLAN MD Skincare prize. Overall, we want to be a source of joy and an escape for our customers.”

Bav Tailor, Founder of Bav Tailor

“This is a moment of authenticity and communicating as a Conscious Creative, the pillars that build my brand and me as an element on this sphere of ours. This Great Pause that we are immersed in has given me an opportunity to connect with my customers on a more insightful level, by sharing with them moments and people in my life that help me remain focused, inspired and who are fundamental to the organic development of my inner ecology and project. This engagement is allowing me to better understand my clientele and what truly has enchanted them to provide me with such precious and wholesome support.”

Joy Isaacs, Founder and CEO of Argentum Apothecary

“We were all in a state of shock when lockdown hit, and it felt wrong to carry on as if nothing happened. Our world was changing, and we needed to act accordingly. Since then, it has been important to us that our customers only read the news they need, and that’s why we’ve focused on experiences and things to do. We started with #stayathome, sharing our Spotify Playlists and inviting people to download our illustrated archetype cards to colour in. Then, after my personal experience with the NHS, the time felt right to share my story and personally say thank you to our frontline workers by giving away over £1,000,000 of our hero product to our NHS heroes.”

Image courtesy of Lisa Franklin

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Written by - Tara MacInnis

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