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How the tourism industry is bolstering itself right now

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How the tourism industry is bolstering itself right now

The global economy has faced many challenges over the last few months as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but one of the hardest-hit industries is tourism. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the industry could hit a global loss of 75 million jobs and $2.1 trillion in revenue.

Until we have a vaccine, it will difficult for the industry to return to what was “normal.” Right now, events around the world are cancelled, and moving outside of a relatively local radius is restricted, unless completely essential. This has resulted in brands looking for more creative ways to stay top of mind for people who will eventually travel again and let their agility shine through.

Communicating with people, both in reminding them to self-isolate and keeping them aware of offerings for down the line, has never been more important. For Balance Holidays, that means continuing with their mission to help people disconnect and tap into the beauty and authenticity of nature. Their approach to wellbeing is all about appreciating the simple things, and they hope that will be embraced even more so in the future. As soon as they feel safe to arrange travel again for their clients, they are encouraging people to look forward to their next retreats. Their social media is a constant reminder of the beauty they offer up to those who choose to travel with them.

Apart from communications, several companies within tourism are arranging digital experiences for their clients. For places like museums and vineyards, that’s virtual tours. For the Conservatorium Hotel, another brand in our community, they’ve focussed on wellness. They are sharing workouts, recipes, and yoga and meditation practices through their new YouTube channel, inspired by the offerings usually offered in their Akasha wellness sanctuaries. Along with that, the Conservatorium is also hosting digital tours of the museums in Museum Square in Amsterdam, as well as other nearby attractions.

Through continuing to engage with these brands, travellers can not only replicate the feeling of exploring a new place, but they can also show support for brands they love. Of course, the number one way to support these brands is through booking travel for the future, ideally when both tests and vaccines are more widely available. Gift vouchers are also a great option, which the Conservatorium is also offering, among several other hotels, agencies and attractions.

It’s important to remember that although things will change, they will not be this difficult forever.  According to the World Economic Forum, holidays in the future will be longer and closer to home, and there will be fewer people visiting multiple destinations on the same trip. But, because humans will always have a drive to discover new places and interact with new people, travelling will never go away.

It’s incredibly difficult to be facing declining revenue and layoffs, but focussing on what can be controlled is a great coping mechanism. So is finding time to read more uplifting, positive news. For example, a report published by Izea showed that self-isolation could even increase people’s inclination to research future holidays. That’s part of the reason why, if you are operating a travel company, it’s ideal to maintain a hopeful attitude, and stay at the top of those post-lockdown destination lists. And, if you’re one of those future travellers, keep dreaming about your ideal holidays.

Image courtesy of Balance Holidays.

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Written by - Tara MacInnis

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