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Jewellery meets skin care: How precious metals and gems can benefit your complexion

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Jewellery meets skin care: How precious metals and gems can benefit your complexion

It seems there are new, buzzy skin care ingredients that promise miracles every day. Our favourites are, of course, ones that are sustainably-sourced and produced, and have real benefits. What we’re seeing among our brands to trust right now is an unusual kind of ingredient usually reserved for jewellery: precious metals and gemstones. Did you know colloidal silver has incredible anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties? Or that gold can visibly brighten and even skin tone? Read about all these benefits and those that come with other sustainable skin care ingredients derived from silver, gold and gemstones.


One of the active ingredients in Éclat Extraordinaire from La Fervance is conflict-free Italian 23K gold. With that addition of gold, this beauty balm visibly reduces fine lines and other signs of ageing while plumping and moisturising the skin. It also offers an instant glow effect, and dewy complexion. “We have specifically chosen to use 23K gold which is made of larger particles compared to 24K,” says founder of La Fervance, Melissa Obeid. “Rather than sticking together as would the smaller particles in 24K gold, 23K gold with 1K of silver allows for a smoother application, resulting in an even, visible golden glow.”


The Supreme collection from Inlight Beauty has a trio of precious gems fit for a gorgeous ring nestled at the base of each product’s bottle. A sapphire, ruby and zircon, all charged with bespoke energising techniques. The trip works to intensify the vibrations and subliminal messages of each product, boosting the efficacy of other organic, sustainably-sourced ingredients like prickly pear, argan oil and cherry oil.


Colloidal silver is at the heart of all Argentum Apothecary products, inspired by the founder, Joy Isaacs’ mother’s use of silver to treat her acne and infections after surgery. “Colloidal Silver is an exceptional skincare ingredient that helps to calm the skin by reducing inflammation and fights bacteria without destroying the natural flora of your skin,” says Joy. “It decreases the irritant effects caused by oxidative stress and stimulates skin elasticity which makes it an effective anti-age ingredient. It is widely used in treating acne, rosacea and eczema, due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities. It is soothing to any skin trauma and is still used extensively in the world of medicine.” The silver Argentum uses to enhance the potency of their formulations is sourced in an ethically transparent way.

Rose gold

The Radiance Collection from 111Skin, and more specifically, their Rose Gold Brightening Facial Mask, is formulated with colloidal gold and rose extract. “The Colloidal Gold and Rose Extract are both great antioxidants that exhibit anti-inflammatory properties,” Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, founder of 111SKIN and renowned cosmetic surgeon. As with all of 111Skin’s ingredients, both the gold and the rose extract used in the Mask are sustainably sourced, and the mask itself is free from parrafin and sulfates.

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Written by - Tara MacInnis

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