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Editor’s pick: Noor Fares Muzo Emerald Anahata Lotus Ring

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Editor’s pick: Noor Fares Muzo Emerald Anahata Lotus Ring

London-based Lebanese Noor Fares is a rising star in the world of jewellery design. Every collection she produces beautifully displays her unique take on classic silhouettes, and she’s found fans in some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. One of her latest pieces, the Anahata Lotus Ring, set with a Muzo Emerald, is our pick of the week.

What it is

Inspired by her previous Prana collection, which takes its name from the Sanskrit word for life force, this ring is a stunning work of art featuring a variety of glittering stones. The focus of the ring is the Muzo Emerald in the centre, sourced from the sustainable Muzo emerald mine. The ring is meant to call upon the body’s seven chakras, which are sometimes referred to as wheels that spin energy through the body, and help them work in unison.

How it’s made

Inspired by Noor’s travels, this ring is made with the same care she gives to every piece she produces. In the middle of the Anahata Ring is the Muzo Emerald, and it’s surrounded by a collection of 12 stones, including amethysts, blue sapphires, orange sapphires, red sapphires, and yellow sapphires. This colourful hexagon of stones is set in 18K yellow gold.

Why we love it

Every Noor Fares piece is sourced and designed consciously. For this ring in particular, the Muzo emerald is more than just a stunning focal point. It comes from the famed Muzo emerald mine, a mine in Colombia that employs sustainable practices, like using dynamite and supporting reforestation. Muzo also gives back to local communities and protects the environments it operates in through hydroseeding and erosion control programmes.

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Written by - Tara MacInnis

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