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Here’s how you can celebrate Use Less Stuff Day

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Here’s how you can celebrate Use Less Stuff Day

As people accumulate more and more stuff, and we go through it all faster than ever, it’s good to take a minute and consider if you can make a change. That’s what Use Less Stuff Day is all about. It’s a designated day to consider how much stuff you consume and cut back, with a view to turn that behaviour into a habit. There are lots of things you can do to take part in Use Less Stuff Day, from repurposing things you already own to thinking twice about buying something new. Read on for six tips to take on today, and hopefully they’ll all become routine.

Consider how often you’ll use something

If you’re thinking about purchasing something, and you can’t imagine using it at least a few times a week, perhaps you don’t need it. Whenever you’re buying something, it’s always a good idea to picture how it will fit into your everyday routine. That way, you can avoid owning something you rarely use, and likely don’t really need.

Buy things that are versatile

If you have a wedding to attend and a big meeting coming up at work, consider buying an outfit you can wear to both. Maybe that means a dress that will look smart under a blazer, or a skirt you can wear with two different tops. If it suits multiple occasions, you’ll get much more wear out of it.

Repurpose, reuse and repair

If something breaks or tears, consider fixing it before you throw it away. For fashion and accessories, there are a lot of places that can help you do this, like a seamstress or services like The Restory. Reusing items can be a great alternative to discarding them, too. Shoeboxes are great for long-term shoe storage, and there are so many crafty ways to restore broken trinkets and furniture. Be creative, and when in doubt, turn to Pinterest for inspiration.

Get rid of stuff

A great rule to follow is that if you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it. For clothes, you can be a little more ruthless. If you haven’t worn something in three months (or didn’t wear it at all last season), get rid of it. Donate it to your local charity shop or join a resale site so the piece can live on in someone else’s wardrobe.

Stop buying gifts

Everyone has lived through the unfortunate experience of receiving a gift, not really wanting it, and letting it sit unused for ages. Stop that cycle, both when it comes to receiving and gifting, and adopt a new policy with your friends and family that occasions that typically require a gift no longer do. Instead, prioritise spending time together and having unique experiences together. If you must give a gift, make it an experience instead of an item.

Ditch single-use items

Invest in replacements for all the disposable things still in your life, like plastic water bottles, plastic bags and takeaway coffee cups. You’ll produce less waste, keeping more plastic out of landfills, and you’ll save money.

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Written by - Tara MacInnis

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