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Find your new autumn fragrance

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Find your new autumn fragrance

Ready to do some autumn fragrance shopping to lessen those sad feelings about the end of summer? Whether you’re partial to a floral scent or you prefer something more musky and androgynous, here are five new fragrances (and what makes them perfect for autumn) from our brands to trust.

Florals for fall

Floral-focussed fragrances may seem more at home during the spring and summer, but if you love the femininity of rose or violet, there’s no reason why you should abandon those kinds of scents come autumn. It’s just about balance, and finding a floral that has depth and a bit of earthiness. Miller Harris just released two perfect autumnal florals: on called Sublime Blossom and one called Secret Gardenia. The first combines floral notes like freesia, orange blossom and privet flower with citrusy notes like bergamot, Sicilian lemon and neroli. The second combines gardenias, of course, with zesty yuzu and creamy sandalwood.

Crystal clear

Using crystals as a tool to stay centred is becoming more and more popular, so why not find a fragrance that incorporates their power? Valeur Absolue‘s newest fragrance, Harmonie Essentielle, along with notes of vanilla, bergamot and neroli, is enriched with cornelian, or amethyst stones. “Amethyst stones carry calming and serene energy just what we need during these shorter days,” says founder Bénédicte Foucart. “It psychological protection, and its powerful energy helps us socialise with others.”

Out of the woods

“Our customers tend to gravitate towards intense, rich fragrances and notes at this time of year,” says Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed, founder of Sana Jardin. That means comforting scents full of warmth and spices take the lead in autumn. Sana Jardin’s latest fragrance, Jaipur Chant, with Moroccan jasmine, narcisse and musk, fits the bill. Its notes are also known to stimulate creativity and encourage psychic sensitivity.

Night and day

Few things are more luxurious than having a fragrance wardrobe, and if you’re up for buying two this season, Lumira has just the pair. “Our five-scent collection includes two brand new fragrances launching later this autumn, Desert Nights and Soleil du Maroc, which were inspired by the incredible beauty of Morocco,” says Lumira’s founder and creative director, Almira Armstrong. “Soleil du Maroc is fresh and radiant, with opening notes of lemongrass, basil and lime zest developing into the warmth of oud, cedar and musk. Desert Nights is more sensual, with oud, patchouli and sandalwood complemented by spicy and mossy notes.” Almira recommends wearing Soleil du Maroc during the day, and then switching to Desert Nights for evening.

Calm and free

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, it can be tough to enjoy autumn. YSL has the perfect remedy in their new fragrance, Libre. Underneath the soft mandarin oil is lavender, and you’ll get all the calming effects of that flower along with a more musky scent typically found in mens fragrances. That combination results in an edgy, genderless fragrance.

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Written by - Tara MacInnis

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