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Autumn adventure: Swim with humpback whales

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Autumn adventure: Swim with humpback whales

Imagine swimming in untouched waters alongside some of the most majestic creatures in the sea while they sing and nurse their newborn calves. This is the kind of once-in-a-lifetime adventure I AM WATER provides to its guests, and you could be living it as soon as September of this year.

Niue is a remote, raised coral atoll in the Polynesian Islands, surrounded by sparkling blue water that’s teeming with ocean life. That life includes hundreds of humpback whales, who come to the warm waters—it stays at a comfortable 27° in September—to birth their young and get them strong enough to join the yearly migration. This is where I AM WATER’s Niue trip takes place, and where you can swim alongside the humpback whales.

Along with freediving training and swimming expeditions to see the whales, the itinerary includes low-tide hikes and snorkelling around the coral. Niue is also home to underground caves with freshwater pools, and you’ll have the chance to explore them, too. Your home base will be the Scenic Matavi Resort, with spectacular views of the island’s coastline, and from there you an explore local markets, take part in yoga classes, and enjoy amazing food cooked by I AM WATER’s private chef.

As with all of I AM WATER’s water-based adventures, a strict code of conduct is followed when it comes to interacting with the wildlife to protect their wellbeing. Another important part of their mission is to support local ecotourism through employing guides, thus directly supporting Niue’s economy. Proceeds from the trip go right back into I AM WATER’s work to help protect and preserve the very environment you enjoy on your trip.

Watch the below video to see highlights from last year’s Niue trip, and click here to book your spot on the 2019 trip.

I AM WATER Ocean Travel NIUE 2018 from I AM WATER Ocean Travel on Vimeo.

Written by - Tara MacInnis

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