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How Biotherm found the source of healing

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Find out the legend of Life PlanktonTM and how water is embedded in Biotherm’s DNA.

On a trip to the French Pyrenees, Dr. Jos Jullien discovered in 1952 a miraculous fountain where Roman warriors would bathe after battle to heal their wounds; this is how Life PlanktonTM was identified. Life PlanktonTM is a unique natural ingredient now exclusively used by Biotherm. After 8 years of research, Biotherm biologists developed a unique bio-fermentation process called Fermogenesis™, which allowed Life PlanktonTM to be made 400,000 times more concentrated than that of its natural state.

Water is at the heart of Biotherm,” explains David Fridlevski, Biotherm’s International General Manager.

Beyond the use of water for its enriching and healing virtues, the brand is committed to sustain acquatic ecosystems and participate in the conservation of important marine areas.

In 2012, Biotherm launched Water Lovers, a programme designed to minimise the brand’s impact on water and aquatic life at every level, both internally and externally: ingredients, formulae for skincare products, packaging, consumer education and awareness and philanthropy.

Water Lovers has developed an internal plan for water use that integrates sustainable use and environmental best practices in the production of existing and future products. Main targets include a minimum 90% biodegradability for rinse-off formula, 100% FSC certified cardboard packaging and the introduction of naturally-derived particles in the scrubs.

Biotherm brought product sustainability to the next level in 2017, with the launch of the brand’s first eco-designed Waterlover Sun Milk, which is respectful of aquatic life. This product was the result of 7 years of research conducted by a team of 20 scientists.

Biotherm’s commitment to safeguarding oceans is also evident in their partnership with Mission Blue. Founded by the ocean’s greatest spokeswoman Dr Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue is a global campaign to protect the ocean’s “hope spots”, namely marine areas that are large and critical enough to restore ocean health. Since the start of this partnership in 2012, Biotherm Water Lovers has protected seven Hope Spots around the world.

Biotherm announced in 2018 a partnership with Tara Expeditions Foundation, a French non-profit organisation which works along with international scientific institutions to study the impact of climate and ecological change on the oceans. Thanks to Biotherm’s support, the organisation will be able to deep dive into the evolution of coral reefs in the context of climate and demographic changes.

The recent partnership with Tara Expeditions Foundation adds a new milestone to the Biotherm’s sustainability commitment. Ultimately, these initiatives show how central water is to the brand’s business model.

Written by - Severine Etienne

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