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The best of Harley Street to your home

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The best of Harley Street to your home

Founded by Dr Yannis Alexandrides of Harley Street and nurtured by his wife Eva, the skincare brand 111SKIN is a family-owned company that reflects its owners’ values and appeal to a large audience of A-listers. Last month, they launched two new powerful boosters that boasts a concentrated dose of highly active ingredients that will enhance your current regime. These boosters can be found exclusively in Harrods until end of June.

Eva Alexandrides’s passion for skincare originates from growing up with a mother who has always looked beautiful inside and out, as well as observing her Grandma creating her own skin remedies with rare herbs from her garden. Still today, her brand 111SKIN remains a family-owned, emotive company, with strong values to fall back on. In spite of her brand being highly coveted by A-listers, Eva’s biggest pride stems from the balance she achieved in juggling work-life, ensuring she spent enough time with her two children while being at the helm of a global business.

“I try to have a fair-outlook across everything, in my personal life and across all facets of my business.”

– Eva Alexandrides, Co-founder of 111SKIN

111SKIN reflects its owners’ aspirations toward conscious beauty and authenticity in product development. The brand caters to all consumers skin concerns, with a varied range of products that are both innovative and thoughtful, with products free of parabens, toxins and beeswax. Placing ethics at the core of the business, raw materials are sourced responsibly, with no animal-testing, and workers benefit from equal employment and fair pay.

“We strive to bring the best of Harley Street to your home, creating skincare that can replicate in-clinic treatments, all while feeling opulently indulgent and a sensorial pleasure.”

– Dr. Yannis Alexandrides MD, founder of 111SKIN and renowned Cosmetic Surgeon

111SKIN’s multi- faceted elite treatments continues to expand this spring with two new high-performance boosters that you can add to your existing regime, creating a bespoke solution to target skin complaints.

Taking inspiration from 111SKIN’s top selling Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask, the Rose Gold Radiance Booster is formulated with Rosa Damascena extract and 24K Gold to enhance the natural radiance of skin for a coveted dewy, lit-from-within complexion. Dull skin will radiate with health and vitality, providing a sophisticated glow that transcends the “strobing” trend by applying all over the face for a deep lasting luminosity or to higher points such as cheekbones and bridge of the nose for a subtle illumination.

Dr. Yannis’ holistic views on aesthetics from the inside-out heralded a shift in direction for the wellness industry in the UK and in 2016 111CRYO was born. The first of its kind in the UK this whole-body cryotherapy treatment utilises electricity, rather than gas, to cool the atmosphere air to bring the benefit of extreme cold in a safe and effective way. Employed by professional sports persons, models, and those looking for effectual and efficient methods of looking after their bodies, 111CRYO has become a favourite within the wellbeing community. The treatment inspired a whole range of products to bring ingredients with the same regenerative qualities to your home, such as the new CRYO ATP Sports Booster. Mimicking the effect of extreme cold on the skin, this booster contains natural cellular energy, ATP, to encourage more oxygen for optimised cell function. Just a few drops of this booster will reignite lax skin, leaving it tightened, toned, and refined, while counteracting dullness and flushing for a fresh, reinvigorated complexion. Perfect for use after a workout, this booster will prolong the post-active freshness for enlivened vibrant skin. Large pores will be visibly reduced for a refined canvas while a lax complexion will appear tighter and more toned.

111SKIN is committed to delivering skincare which is science-led, pioneering, medically-inspired, and able to provide results that are comparable to in-clinic procedures. The brand strives to adopt a kind approach at all levels of business, with a strong belief that what you give-out, comes back.

Written by - Severine Etienne

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