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Baume fights marine pollution with circular economy

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Baume fights marine pollution with circular economy

From a clean-up initiative in the Azores to a fully customisable bracelet, this is the story of three key players sharing the same values and participating in a virtuous circle based on the revaluation of plastic material.

Last winter, a plastic clean-up initiative was organised by Waste Free Oceans (WFO), BAUME’s long standing partner in its commitment to protecting the oceans. Highly motivated local fishermen used a specially designed WFO trawl to collect floating debris from the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Sao Miguel island in the Azores.

In parallel, an enthusiastic number of volunteers collected littered items on the beaches and at the coast lines of a couple of the Azores islands. In total, several hundreds kilos of debris were collected on land and taken out of the water. Approximately a hundred kilos of reusable plastic have been sent to recycling plants in the WFO network.

Building on this plastic collect, BAUME partnered with SEAQUAL™ to create a fully customisable recycled plastic bracelet – thereby translating into the world of luxury its values ​​turned toward a more circular economy.

“This collaboration with BAUME highlights the virtues of eco-responsibility. It democratises new materials and outlines the profile of a more responsible future.”

– Bernard Merkx, founder of WFO

The process of up-cycling post-consumer waste into high-quality straps entails the transformation of plastic into shavings and granules that are melted and extruded – giving life to a polyester thread of the same name, SEAQUAL™. The material is then woven to make BAUME’s future interchangeable bangles.

BAUME revolutionises the watchmaking industry through the the revaluation of plastic material and subsequent creation of a fully customisable bracelet, designed specifically for VivaTech 2019 – a salon showcasing innovative technologies.

To create a personalised bracelet made of recycled plastic and lined with cork, BAUME used a process of sublimation with a hot press located at the back of the stand. The personalisation of the bracelet was achieved in 30 seconds and customers could choose from a variety of 12 patterns and colours.

Haptic Media – a loyal start-up partner of BAUME since its creation – also attended the innovation salon and had set up an animation around customisable RPET bracelets that pushed the concept of the bracelet customisation to the extreme (motifs, button, stitching). This animated technology is planned to take shape by the end of 2019 and brings the principle of personalisation, pillar of the BAUME brand, to a level of ultra-customisation for the end customer.

By rethinking the materials used in contemporary watchmaking – in particular those of the watch strap -, BAUME continues to break the codes and shapes the industry of tomorrow. Although the consideration for recycled plastics was already factored in the ICONIC and ZAG editions (both mounted on a RPET bracelet), BAUME x SEAQUAL™ truly reflects a collaboration at the service of the circular economy.

Written by - Severine Etienne

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