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Wearing the ocean

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Wearing the ocean
Tapping into their passion for travel and discovery of natural, sustainable fabrics – such as Lotus sourced and woven in Myanmar – Thread Tales introduce Seacell, a fibre created from organic and sustainable harvested Icelandic seaweed and sustainable wood. The seaweed is entirely untreated and retains all its ecological value.
Combining science and nature, SeaCell is made by using the Lyocell process, an eco-friendly production method with zero chemical waste. Seaweed cultivation requires no farming; it is collected using gentle, renewable harvesting techniques. The fibre is 100% biodegradable.
SeaCell is defined as a ‘wellness fibre’ for its high content of nutrients and antioxidants, which the skin can then absorb through natural body moisture.
The SeaCell scarves’ unique balance of luxurious and comfortable feel is achieved by blending the smooth, silky SeaCell fibre with grade A certified Cashmere – thereby producing a warm and light fabric.
Thread Tales are putting their gorgeous SeaCell scarves to work in raising awareness about the importance of preserving our most precious resource: the sea from which they originate. 10% of the profit from sales go to support the Blue Marine Foundation’s efforts to protect our oceans.

The Thread Tales Resort Collection 2019 goes further in capturing the essence of the ocean in all its forms and colours. Starting from the intent of reflecting natural landscapes into textiles, the accessory brand has taken its signature hand dip dyes into an ocean palette of lapis blue through to the dark indigo, contrasting with white sand. Originally an ancient Asian tradition, the tie dyes are applied on the finest wool and silk yarn and mimic the ocean’s watery depths of light and shade. The process is completely environmentally friendly, using eco dyes and making sure the dying process is disposed of responsibly.
At Positive Luxury, we also love their new addition to the Zero Waste: headbands made from the leftover fabric of the Peace Mountain Scarves. Thread Tales repurposes the fabric that doesn’t quite meet their Artisans’ high-quality standards due to minor inconsistencies in the weave with the intent to see the end of a piece becoming the beginning of a new one. The pieces are made of the finest 100% sustainably sourced wool and dip-dyed using eco-dyes. We gladly welcome these characterful accessories into our summer wardrobe. You can choose your headband from five different shades, from deep marine blue to bright coral red.

Thread Tales Process from Katherine Maunder on Vimeo.

Thread Tales. Wear Something that Means Something.
Head over to the Thread Tales page to find out about the moving story behind the brand and their positive actions toward sustainability.

Written by - Severine Etienne

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