The Sustainable Guide to: Pregnancy and Motherhood

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The Sustainable Guide to: Pregnancy and Motherhood

With the Royal Baby’s arrival looming, it raises the question of how to approach pregnancy from a positive perspective. Whether you’re expecting, in the newborn phase or planning to start a family, we list the most sustainable options for the 9 months and beyond.


Make like Meghan and turn to luxury pieces you can keep wearing through pregnancy and post-partum. Reducing the need to buy excess clothing that you’ll only wear for 9 months, it’s easy to avoid waste if you know the shapes you can wear both while pregnant and not. If you’re in the first trimester, opt for anything A-line to conceal a bump, while the later stages are made for body-conscious or loose-fitting silhouettes depending if you want to show it off or not. Or, go timeless in overalls you can keep wearing after baby.

While the Duchess has been spotted in our brand to trust Gabriela Hearst on several red-carpet occasions, invest in the pregnancy-specific pieces you need such as maternity bras and jeans – we love Bodas and J Brand for quality pieces you can wear again or pass on.

Looking for a special occasion piece? Send your measurements to Sidikai or Dressarte Paris, who make custom-made designs with you in mind – just ensure it’s a silhouette you’ll wear post-partum.

Image credit: Bodas


Indulge a craving – naturally. To’ak’s drinking chocolate celebrates your morning cup ritual and is blended from the same rare rare Ecuadorian cacao that To’ak uses across its typical range. With a commitment to preserving the area and giving back to the community, it’s a caffeine-free boost you can feel good about.


Strip back your skincare for a boost of natural goodness. Weleda’s all-natural and plant-derived range helps avoid any nasties when pregnant. Their cult-status ‘Skin Food’ is a multi-purpose cream to hydrate the skin and keep dry areas moisturised, while it is gentle enough for use on newborns too.

Image credit: Weleda


Babies mean ‘stuff’ – and lots of it. Subscribe to a toy-sharing site such as Toy Box Club in the UK or Green Pinata Toys if you’re US-based, which allows you to try a curation of toys each month before returning them.

Ensure you opt for toxic-free toys and dummies. We love Hevea’s range crafted from natural rubber and without any plastic or BPA. Seeking something softer? Leggybuddy’s knitted toys are made in small runs in their Zurich studio, with playful designs that consider the environment.


Travel sustainably for a touch of wanderlust before motherhood. Rusticae boutique hotels across Spain have had a major impact acting as a true Agent of Change in the Spanish tourist sector. Gathering more than 300 small charming hotels, Rusticae focuses on promoting a ‘quality’ tourism model versus the ‘quantity’ model — enhancing an incredibly valuable artistic and cultural heritage of beautiful landscapes, rich cuisine, tradition, and nature that make your pre-baby getaway extra special.

Image credit: Rusticae 


Motherhood is full of memories – preserve yours with mindful jewellery. Wearing Memories turn Champagne or wine corks into necklaces from a special birthday celebration, while Noor Fares’ carefully-sourced healing gemstones make the perfect gift for new mothers.

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