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5 Sustainability Profiles You Should Be Following on Instagram

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5 Sustainability Profiles You Should Be Following on Instagram

Keep up with sustainability trends, news and striking images from around the world with five of our favourite Instagram profiles to follow…

If you haven’t heard of this young Swedish activist by now (pictured above), she’s to sustainability what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is to politics. Seemingly out of nowhere, this bright schoolgirl has been making rousing speeches all over the world, revitalizing the conversation on climate change and directly asking politicians and global leaders why no-one is taking action. Rumoured to be considered for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, the teen has gone from leading the school climate change protests – breaking Swedish law on skipping school in the process – to this week telling a room of MP’s “We probably don’t even have a future anymore. That future has been sold so that a small number of people can make unimaginable amounts of money. It was stolen from us every time you said ‘the sky is the limit’.”

Prefer your sustainability in digestible snippets? This Instagram profile offers you one easy-to-follow tip a day, on how to live a waste-free and more sustainable life. Combining both ‘Did you know?’ and numbered tips, it provides a quick insight into current sustainability topics – that makes for gram-worthy and provocative sharing on your story.  

Image credit: @EveryDayClimateChange

@James Whitlow-Delano of @EveryDayClimateChange
Discover climate change in a way you’ve never seen it before; James is the Founder of @EverydayClimateChange, a group of photographers from 6 diverse continents who turn their lens on the world. From a one-kilometer-long Batagaika crater – a consequence of the thawing permafrost – to the streets of Bangladesh each image portrays a raw and real effect of climate change issues.

If ocean conservation is your thing, you’ll know about this organization that is determined to protect biodiversity and save our waters. But following them on Instagram serves you daily insight into the vast array of incredible marine life, from seals to coral and truly brings their message to life. Using vivid photography, their account hits home the species we have left to save. 

Image credit: @ZeroWasteHome

Bea Johnson is known as the Mother of the zero-waste movement and has lived such a lifestyle for over ten years. Author of ‘Zero Waste Home’ her profile ranges from tips and tricks to sharing the everyday realities of being a mother who champions conscious living. Hosting talks all over the US and even appearing at the UN, she’s a motivating and humour-led woman to inspire.

Written by - Katie Stalker

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