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Dressarte Paris Launches Stylish Solution To Fashion Waste

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Dressarte Paris Launches Stylish Solution To Fashion Waste

Where the internet was once awash with clothing hauls and one-day looks, today we are becoming a lot more mindful about our fashion choices – and tackling clothing waste has indeed become En Vogue.

With numerous brands listing the issue as a priority, there have also been countless initiatives. Last month the Ellen Macarthur Foundation launched its #WearNext campaign, spearheaded by the non-profit’s Make Fashion Circular initiative, and will be a collaborative effort between brands, city government and non-profits. The Internet is also fighting back, as many top Influencers ditch their clothing hauls to become much more mindful about the way they consume and share about that consumption, with Niomi Smart telling us how she launched her first SmartSwap clothing event in late 2018.

It raises the question: how many clothes do you have in your wardrobe that you no longer wear? While the issue of clothing waste is being tackled, there’s also the issue of wasting your money and wardrobe space on items that you never get around to wear. Dressarte Paris has tailored a solution for this exact problem, in a new launch that sees you only buy the pieces you’ll want to wear forever. How can they ensure that? Because their tailors can hand-craft whatever you ask them to.

The Parisian-based label was created by Nathalie Neuilly with the idea to substitute a traditional atelier for a virtual one and is a celebration of personalised style, made-to-measure updated classics, perfect fit and timeless quality. With this bespoke custom-made service, they’re going the extra mile and bringing your photos to life too; so you can send them a capture of a look you’ve spotted and they will send you a preview of a designed piece. Professional tailors will take into account the style, your body shape and offer a range of materials from vegan, to all-natural. There’s also a budget preference depending on whether it’s a special occasion outfit or everyday wear you require.

Add your Instagram handle so Dressarte Paris can assess your personal style – which makes for better-matched pieces that won’t gather dust in your closet.

The service is free for the first 50 requests, so make sure you get in touch soon and book here. 

Written by - Katie Stalker

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