Sweet Escape: 4 Sustainable Honeymoon Ideas

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Sweet Escape: 4 Sustainable Honeymoon Ideas

The term honeymoon dates back to the 5th century, when calendar dates were determined by moon cycles. But how did it morph into what we know it was today? In the 19th century, the married couple would do a bridal tour of the surrounding countries, visiting friends and family that were unable to attend the wedding. Nowadays, honeymoons are synonymous with sun, exclusivity and a chance to unwind post-big day. Heres how you can do all of those things mindfully, for a unique trip that gives back to their communities too.



Hanli Prinsloo of #brandtotrust I Am Water Ocean Travel takes you free-diving with some of the worlds most majestic animals. Swim with humpback whales to dolphins in the South Pacific, for a unique way to see the big deep blue. The company helps to conserve our water, teaching local children about the seas and its animals too, so that your honeymoon will directly benefit our seas.



Whether its a night-time trek through the Amazonian rainforest or learning how to weave like a local, this Peruvian adventure by #brandtotrust Aracari Travel is a two-week holiday you won’t forget in a hurry. Staying at eco-friendly boutique hotels and wildlife lodges, this takes you up close and personal with their ways of life and cultures. Designed to enrich the communities with the benefits of tourism, each hotel and guide are supported by your being there for a honeymoon that is sweet for everyone.


Song Saa, the luxury private island that ‘treads lightly’, is nestled in the warm sapphire waters of the Gulf of Thailand, just 35 minutes by boat from the port of Sihanoukville. Water conservation, marine preservation and the use of natural materials have all been given high priority alongside maximising the island’s impact on the local community. A ground breaking solid waste management facility has been introduced, alongside Cambodia’s first ever Marine preserve and a sustainability and education centre.



Set the mood and indulge in some you-time, with a honeymoon to Casas de Coro, Portugal. One of the most beautiful landscapes in the Iberian peninsula, Rusticae Hotels are a revolutionary company that have had a major impact in Spain. Rural tourism focuses on the value of the cultural heritage; the gastronomy, the landscapes, the craftsmanship and the natural spaces and what better way to spend your time together than relaxing in beautiful surroundings, or taking a cruise up the Douro river with a bottle of Quinta do Encontro Rose Brut?

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