10 Ways To Be More Present

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10 Ways To Be More Present

“If you abandon the present moment, you cannot live the moments of your daily life deeply”

Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist peace activist

Its easy to fall into the trap of mulling over the past, or obsessing about the future but in doing so you can lose sight of the opportunities of today. Weve sourced some effective, simple ideas and Positive Luxury-approved treats designed to help draw yourself back into the present.


Preparing something healthy and nourishing for yourself is a great exercise in being present it requires focus, care and the end result is something that can only be enjoyed in the moment. Make your mealtimes more special by serving up your handiwork with these beautiful bowls and serving spoons from Latimer Living.


Spending time noticing how your body feels is an instant route to awareness of the present moment. Next time you go to bed, do a body scan starting with your toes, move upwards and try slowly paying attention to every little sensation in your body. It can help lull you into a better, deeper sleep too.


Theres a reason tea-making and tea ceremonies are ancient rituals. The time it takes to prepare, brew and drink a cup is a simple way to focus on a single task for a few minutes.


Skip the treadmill and take a run, or even a gentle walk, out in the fresh air. Getting outdoors can work wonders for returning you to the present moment.


Candles have been used as meditation aids for thousands of years. Their flickering light and scent are both relaxing and ideal to focus on try lighting this Rachel Bates The Key candle while you’re working for a reminder to stay anchored in the present day.


Try using a facial stone, like Alexandra Soverals marble facial stones, and concentrate for a few minutes each night on its cooling, skin-stimulating effects.


Our thoughts can quickly become circular and repetitive. Pull yourself out of your internal dialogues and gain a fresh perspective by talking with someone new.


Worrying and over-thinking can create can create stress, which often shows up in tight, tense muscles a massage is both soothing in the moment and can lead to longer-term relaxation. We love Lolas Apothecarys Delicate Romance Balancing Body & Massage Oil.


A key part of being present is shifting your attention onto what is happening right here, right now. Choosing a single thing to focus on visually can help cut out internal noise and accessories brand Yiy has created beautiful polished jasper stones designed to do just that.


Instead of distracting yourself with TV reruns, take 15 minutes out of your weeknight evening to apply a face mask and savour taking the time to nurture yourself. This Alexandra Soveral mask includes volcano ash for a thorough cleanse.

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