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As we arrive at the end of a hugely challenging year, we asked our community of Positive Luxury-certified brands to share their goals, hopes and sustainability targets for 2021.

In 2021, we commit to continue reducing our plastic waste. COVID-19 cannot either pause nor stop the sustainability practice. We were indeed on the right path to achieve a progressive and substantial reduction and elimination of plastic elements in our office and products as well as in our hotel toiletries, etc. and this will continue in 2021, no matter what.

Sara Sánchez Remacha, CEO of Rusticae

In 2021, our centenary year, we commit to reducing our carbon footprint further by offsetting our dispatch and shipping through Weleda’s new ‘Plant A Forest’ project, raising funds to plant a forest of one million trees, working in collaboration with our customers and our retailers, in partnership with the charity

Jayn Sterland, managing director at Weleda UK

In 2021, we commit to reducing our waste further, by rolling out a number of practical solutions such as an ‘Opt In’ option for product boxes at checkout,  to enable responsible consumption. We are set to continue our mission to run our business in a way that benefits the planet and society; always seeking out improved solutions to the way we operate.

Ivana Iesini, founder of Albiva

In 2021, we commit to accelerating our social responsibility programme. As we continue on our responsible business journey at Garrard we have developed the four Ps: Planet, People, Philanthropy and Practice, which highlight the ways in which we have a positive impact on our employees, the community and the world as a whole. We have a dedicated in-house team who work to drive company-wide implementation. 

The team at Garrard

In 2021, we commit to accelerating the testing of sustainable materials. It’s a challenge in our sector; alternatives to leather need to be tested differently for a watch strap compared to leather for bags or jackets. By increasing our efforts, we can aim to introduce new materials on a much wider scale.

 Franziska Gsell, CMO and sustainability committee chair at IWC

In 2021, we commit to accelerating organic growth and reducing our waste as much as possible through low production and monitoring stock levels – all while staying true to our sustainable approaches and brand ethos.

The team at Skiim

In 2021, we commit to accelerating and ramping up our sustainability efforts. Our industry is impactful: if we make even the smallest change, the ripple can be huge. It all starts with caring. Caring about, and for each other, but also our planet, our only home. Without a planet, there is no place to travel to.

 Steven Phillips, general manager of LUX* Grand Baie Resort & Residences

In 2021, we commit to changing the way of consumption by challenging the luxury industry’s norms, educating consumers and reducing marine waste. 

Alessandro Vergano, co-founder of Kampos

In 2021 we commit to accelerating the development of our Scottish artisan community. A carefully curated supplier-network of master craftspeople with whom we will create beautiful, sustainable packaging and whisky accessories.  Artisans who nurture the generational passage of knowledge and skills by re-establishing important historic trade practices, or who innovate to develop new and sustainable production techniques.   

 Our Autumn release of The Red Collection this year is an excellent example of this form of very specific artisanal packaging collaboration.  An extremely rare, complete set of The Red Collection was auctioned at the end of October 2020 at Sotheby’s to raise critical funds for the London City Harvest charity which redistributes surplus from the food industry to vulnerable people across London, equating to funding for almost 2.5 million meals.  

  Furthermore, each expression within The Red Collection is encased in an exquisite oak presentation box created from the same sustainable European oak used to craft The Macallan’s exceptional oak casks. The boxes are beautifully upholstered with sustainably sourced soft red leather from Scottish supplier Bridge of Weir Leather, which creates upholstery for leading luxury car brands across the globe.

Elizabeth McMillan, senior marketing manager at The Macallan

In 2021 we commit to  accelerating progress against climate change. Scientists reported that limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius would require an enormous global effort — and that we have roughly 12 years to do it.  Our company will try to monitor and reduce C02 emissions  when sending out our packages.

Lucija Kračun, managing director at DALÚ Natural Skincare

In 2021, we commit to accelerating our support for the environment in our home country of Australia. This year, we’ll release our third fragrance in our ongoing collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, with proceeds supporting the Gardens’ essential conservation work. 

Almira Armstrong, founder and creative director at LUMIRA

In 2021, we commit to changing people’s attitude towards throwaway fashion, and aim to educate them on the economic and environmental benefits of buying high quality, timeless pieces.  

Maria Leoni-Sceti, founder and creative director at Sonia Petroff

In 2021, we commit to accelerating awareness around sustainability through community involvement and partnerships with organisations such as Positive Luxury. Sustainability is often merely a word that gets thrown around when it should be a subject where we are continually increasing our knowledge in order to integrate better practices into our lives and businesses.

Tanith & Keziah Swinford, co-founders of Jota-Kena

In 2021, we commit to accelerating our hopes of bringing guests from all walks of life together. By diversifying our collection of curated experiences to meet the new work-life demands and needs. All the while, continuing to provide a pure and untouched, safe and quiet natural environment to connect, restore and effortlessly form moments that last beyond each experience.

Livia Manca di Villahermosa, founder of Balance Holidays

In 2021, we commit amplifying the voices of our indigenous artisans and staying true to their guiding principles that humans and nature aren’t separate. We are nature.

 Mary Price, founder of Ocean + Main

In 2021, we commit to reducing our carbon emission and increase our positive footprint as individuals and as a business. Sustainability is not new to us but there is always a possibility to go further. In fact, we have just relocated Inlight HQ where bigger steps can be made to minimise emissions and waste. Inlight will be using 100% green energy and offsetting our gas consumption. Most of our team will live a walking distance from the new premises and, weather permitting, aim to walk or cycle to work. It’s a joy to be able to add a ‘drop’ of contribution to the new present we are building together.

The team at Inlight Beauty

In 2021, we will to continue to lead the way to a more sustainable future by accelerating our circularity journey in an effort to lower our impacts even further. We aim to do so by putting our pre-owned luxury shoes back into the supply chain and promoting secondary use through re-commerce, donation or both. 

Tina Bhojwani, CEO and co-founder of AERA

As a manufacturer, in 2021 we commit to changing brands’ minds on doing product development in a more sustainable way. We want to help them to find more solutions and ideas around resources, reducing waste and using new energies. Brands have the power to educate and inspire people through their creativity and commitment – and they need to take on this responsibility.

The team at Grinvald Footwear

In 2021, we commit to changing our packaging so that it is 100% recyclable and parts of it will be biodegradable. We are also going to reduce our energy consumption by installing LED’s throughout our building.

Jane Best and Stephen Einhorn, founders of Stephen Einhorn


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