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self-care tips from our brands

Self-care is so important, particularly when things get stressful. That said, even if you have extra time on your hands, it might be hard to take a pause and do something that’s good for your mind and body. If you are struggling with this, read on to find out how the people in our brand community are taking time to take care of themselves.

Bav Tailor, Founder and Conscious Creative of Bav Tailor

“This moment of quietness has really given me the time to work on my inner ecology. From the comfort of my own home, I’ve had the pleasure of discovering and connecting with beautiful yoga masters around the world such as Bali, whilst fine tuning my personal journey with my soulful mentor, Laura Piai. Understanding your inner ecology and being kind to your body through all that you eat is essential for sustainable self-care, which in turn can help you nurture the sphere that surrounds you. Be respectful in all that you do for yourself and all the encircles you.”

Marcella Cacci, Founder and CEO of One Ocean Beauty

“During isolation, we are all trying to stay in our state of ‘Blue Mind,’ the feeling you get when you’re walking by the ocean. We’re eating more healthily (cooking at home vs. going out to dinner), exercising and listening to the sound of the waves to relax. With the world on pause, we are remembering to be grateful, to appreciate our friends, family, and the simple things in life, and that living sustainably and taking care of the world is vitally important.”

Mary Price, Founder and Creative Director of Ocean + Main

“When my usual self-prescribed meditation and yoga/pilates routine needed a major booster shot,  I found these two simple but profound practices have made a huge difference. One, a mandatory multi-day news fast. My mind and body are grateful for the much needed break. No news means literally that: no news feeds on the phone, no internet, nothing. Two, breath work. They say breath is the remote control for the nervous system. I’ve always been interested in this modality and this time has allowed me the opportunity to find some amazing online apps (Breathwrk) and teachers.”

Franziska Gsell, Chief Marketing Officer and Sustainability Committee Chair at IWC Schaffhausen

“Running in the forest recharges my batteries, and gives the clear mind that lets new ideas spring up. For me wellness also flows from nice colours and beautifully arranged things. It gives me pleasure and peace to see the beauty of nature. How the colours come back after winter… The beautiful flowers from my garden, my Easter decoration, or the drawing my son just gifted me – a phoenix, such a powerful idea at this time. A quote from the Dalai Lama which I was sent by a friend a couple of days ago also perfectly brought peace and gave energy.”

The Lola’s Apothecary team

“While in lockdown, we are taking time for wellness rituals. Eucalyptus, rosemary and sweet marjoram intertwine, elevated by peppermint and lemon to magic our radiant Breath of Clarity journey. We love using just a few drops from this potent range as a welcome post-workout relief for tired muscles and minds while we try to balance work and wellbeing. It is also the perfect herbaceous deep breath to regain your mental clarity and focus in these difficult times from your bathtub to your desk, to your décolletage. A tiny amount of our elixir will uplift your mind and energise your body.”

Stephen Webster MBE, Founder of Stephen Webster

“The worst period of isolation and lockdown, for me, and I’m sure many others, was right back at the start when it felt as though we were living in a Sci-Fi movie. There was little consolation in the mixed messages on offer via our elected leaders, other than to just do nothing, see no one or go out other than for essential reasons. These, and the great toilet paper shortages, caused me a certain level of anxiety. No stranger to this emotion and the potential consequences, I had to adapt and quickly. Fast forward to now, and we are all experts at living under lockdown. As a bonus for us, the last four weeks have seen the family reunited. Living with three female foodies is fantastic. They never stop planning the week’s meals, each made from scratch with as many local ingredients as possible, including fish from the fisherman.

Several times a week, we join an assortment of fitness trainers through Zoom or other team viewing platforms. My trainer gave me a short sharp shock workout, designed for me to carry out with no equipment in hotel rooms, we usually squeeze this routine in early morning when we don’t fancy a full hour. We are so fortunate that our home is on the coast; the glorious weather has meant walking together all around our immediate coastline. It’s hard to quantify the value to the mind and body our new routines hold; making what is undoubtedly the strangest of times into a very special time for us as a family. If I were to identify the thing that has surprised myself the most; it would be how much I have enjoyed planting and growing things from seed in the garden. It’s a lot of work but extremely satisfying to watch those little dry seeds rapidly become growing shoots. Rocket, spinach, chillies, horseradish and a whole repertoire of herbs, which have already started sprouting.”

Lisa Franklin, Founder of Lisa Franklin

“Keeping up healthy routines is important right now for one’s health and wellbeing. I continue with daily self-care actions, from skincare rituals to regular enjoyable exercise to planning healthy meals in advance and taking the time to recycle properly. I think it’s also vitally important to limit your consumption of negative news. Try and take the information you need, but then focus on something more positive and creative. Stay connected to those who inspire and motivate you to change the world for the better.”

Eva Alexandrides, Co-founder of 111SKIN

“Taking care of the mind and body comes in many forms and isn’t just about focusing on the physical aspects such as exercising, meditating and breathing. Whilst those elements are also important in a daily routine to maintain a harmonious balance, one has to invest in themselves and focus on their self-care from the inside out. That comes in the form of strengthening and boosting the immune system and ensuring that vital antioxidants such as Glutathione, Vitamin C and NAC are supporting and nourishing the body and skin as well as fortifying against toxins.”

Natasha Robertson, Co-founder of Bramble Ski

“I live in the mountains, and fortunately we are allowed to go out and exercise. I run a lot, never without music, usually grime these days, I have a major Aitch obsession. Running is good for body and mind, but there is a lot of time to think. I tend to write lists, work jobs, indoor jobs, outdoor jobs, these all help. I can’t settle with much TV these days but I relax in a bath and listen to nearly every kind of music, no grime in the bath.”

David Kennedy, Assistant Digital Activation Manager at Kiehl’s

“It is important to take time out of your daily routine, to take a break and truly relax. When things seem slightly overwhelming, I take 10 minutes out of my day and use a face mask. Masking is a real treat and allows you to enjoy the luxury of a spa day in your own home. While masking, I like to read, sketch or rest my eyes and focus on my breathing. Once my 10 minutes are up, I finish with a quick rinse with warm water, before gently drying with a soft towel. Then I am ready to begin my day again, feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.”

Bea Sanz-Corella, Founder of Kmana

“For me, self-care is my daily yoga practice and riding Indi. Yoga keeps me grounded and truthful, something I need more than ever in these uncertain times that we are living, to prevent fear from overwhelming me. Riding reminds me of the beauty of nature and freedom, and of the power of trust and of letting go. I also try to eat heathy (loads of locally grown greens and fruits), but indulge myself in a glass of Malbec in the evenings.”

Katherine Maunder, Co-founder of Thread Tales

“Sleep! Since sleep is probably the single most important thing for good health, we’re taking advantage of no school run (it’s a breakfast table to school start) to attempt to get 7-8 hours of brain and body repair time in. My sister and I are ‘thinkers’ and spend far too much time in our heads. Yoga is the perfect counter; challenging the body, through the breath, to quiet the mind, even if only for a sneaky 10 minutes. Taking in nature’s restorative powers, in the garden, the blue-bell woods, the fields, alone or with the little ones.”

Gemma Grove, Spa Manager at Hotel Café Royal

“A daily body brush. Your skin is your first line of defence. It acts as a barrier, supports detoxification, and synthesises Vitamin D, an important element of immunity. Dry brushing exfoliates the skin, helps release impurities by encouraging blood and lymph flow, and, like any massage, helps reduce stress. One of my favourite things to do to fight off colds and flu. A reviving cold shower is great, too. This encourages the body to produce more white blood cells, and white blood cells are responsible for protecting your body and boosting your immune system. The increased blood circulation when taking a shower also helps muscle tissues regenerate faster, reduce stress and tone the body. Apply an at-home face mask to hydrate and nourish, with half a mashed avocado, a tablespoon of honey and a handful of oats. I leave it on for 15 minutes and then remove it with warm water.

Write down something you are grateful for each day. Focusing on what you’re grateful for can help put things into perspective, and not put so much emphasis on the stressors you might also be dealing with. Do some planks. Mostly everyone living with chronic back pain can benefit from strengthening their core muscles and introducing only a few exercises a day can help to improve the pain. Take a soothing bath. Put your phone on airplane mode, play relaxing music, dim the lights, light your favourite candle. Get your bath ready with water between 27-37°C to stimulate the lymphatic system. Exalt your bath by adding a few drops of essential oils mixed to your favourite oil. Now relax and enjoy the soothing atmosphere around you. Akasha Holistic Wellbeing has also launched a YouTube channel where we share videos of work-outs, recipes, yoga and meditation practices. We’ll be adding more videos in the coming period. These videos are all from instructors and teachers that work at one of the Akasha locations.”

Tanith Swinford, Co-founder of Jota-Kena

“One of the most valuable tools in caring for oneself I’ve found is to manage my internal dialogue and what I’m meditating on throughout the day. The practice of gratitude in particular has been so good in this time. Other than that, I make good nutrition, exercise and movement a daily priority, as well as ‘grounding’ (walking barefoot on the grass) and spending time outside in the sun loading up on vitamin D.”

Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed, Founder of Sana Jardin

“I have been keeping positive throughout the quarantine in large part with the help of Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey’s online meditation course called Hope in Uncertain Times. It is a 21-day course that is free and can be downloaded at any time. It has opened my heart to the great possibilities that hope offers and the powerful medicine that hope is for healing.”

Dr. Mariano Spiezia, Founder of Inlight Beauty

“Reading interesting, inspiring, and humorous books helps nourish my mind. I am revisiting some of the books that left a footprint on me, The Organon of the Art of Healing by S. Hahnemann, father of Homeopathy, and Human by Design by Gregg Braden on quantum evolution. They keep stimulating my brain and nurturing my soul. These two fellows need to be working together to draw the best out of me and get my creativity in motion. When I pause the reading I start thinking and when I pause thinking I start meditating to go beyond the words, mindful that the more I comprehend the Laws of Nature, the better I understand myself, my patients and Life.

To help my body (and my mind too as they are connected, after all) I am practicing the Energisation Exercises created by the Great Guru Paramahansa Yogananda. I learned them many years ago in California and have practised them since. Simple yet powerful everyday tools to ‘charge the batteries’ and help give focus to your day in a few minutes. It’s a great daily routine to continue after lockdown, too. These techniques not only strengthen muscles, but send energy, prana and oxygen to the whole system. I also try and find any excuse to have a laugh as it opens my lungs, my heart and reminds me that ‘we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars’ (Oscar Wilde).”

If you want to connect with us and have stories to share, please email us on Stay well and stay positive.

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