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Jazmin Grimaldi talks about her music and her support for fiji/=.

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, who is a recording artist, actor, philanthropist, and climate activist, has had an impressive year. She released her first single, Fearless, continued her tireless work helping the people of Fiji, supported her father, Prince Albert of Monaco, in his environmental work, and added two exciting roles to her resume. Jazmin took time from her busy schedule to fill us in on all that she’s been up to, and how all of her passions came to be.

On her connection to Fiji

Fiji surprised me in a way. I’d never fully experienced such a pure form of kindness and generosity from a group of people. Fijians are truly the most welcoming people, and so eager to learn and share, no matter your race or gender. This truly makes Fiji special. My first trip there truly changed my life for the better and it became a place that I knew I would return to and could never forget. The people of Fiji have an innate ability to touch lives and I feel I have a responsibility with my voice and platform to give them a gift in return and help spread the good word of Fiji. Fijians don’t seem to lack much, but they do need with basic necessities like fresh drinking water. Now more than ever coastal regions like Fiji are in danger because of rising sea levels and other effects of climate change.

On developing the Jazmin Fund

At 14, I founded The Jazmin Fund. I was invited by a dear family friend who started his own charity, The Naqaqa Giving Foundation, to visit Fiji. I visited eight islands, bringing basic classroom and medical supplies to villages. I was so touched, not only by Fiji’s natural beauty, but by the incredibly genuine people who needed assistance. From then on, I continued a relationship with Fiji and decided to start The Jazmin Fund alongside the NGF. The people of Fiji have remained in my heart since my first visit 12 years ago, specifically Savu Savu. My heart is filled every time I receive a smile or even a quick Bula (hello in Fijian). They are simply the happiest most genuine people.

On the work the Jazmin Fund has done

I knew I wanted to further develop the Jazmin Fund and focus on another big project in Fiji after my visit 12 years ago. Cyclone Winston devastated many coastal islands in 2016. I started working with NGF and Caukin Studio to help re-build. We started working with Naidi Village in helping them build a new Community Hall that I decided would be arts focused, in hopes to marry my love for humanitarianism with the arts. Fijian culture is infused with a love of the arts already, especially music, which was a perfect fit for The Jazmin Fund’s first initiative. On my trip in 2018, I was fully focused on the Hall and immersed in village activities. I went net fishing and cooked with the women of Naidi, learned how to make handicrafts, and attended a wedding and a funeral that took place in the Hall. I embarked on the visits to local resorts with Naidi Village where they perform the Meke twice a week and I reunited and sang with friends at the Savu Savu special needs school. That was a very emotional day for me, especially to be reunited with children I met when I was 14.

On writing her single, Fearless, and dedicating it to Fiji

Fearless was inspired by the people of Fiji in accordance with The Jazmin Fund, the female empowerment movement, all fearless women I have encountered and have been encouraged by in my life and the All Fearless Gazelles, participants in the female off-road car rally called Rallye Aicha Des Gazelles. It is our time to be unapologetic and remember we are fearless. My mother and many female role models in my life have taught me the importance of independence and equality from a young age. I am the founder of my own charity and consider myself a climate activist. I am a supporter of Greta Thunberg’s march for the future, advocating for positive action against climate change. I was just sponsored by the Monaco Better World Forum.

I believe each and every one of us can make a difference, and I have a unique platform and feel it is my responsibility for my voice to be used for the greater good. I wrote Fearless a few years ago in light of the female empowerment and the Me Too movement. It was a labour of love and releasing my first single was a long time coming. I really wanted to write an anthemic song that inspired me to be the best version of myself every day and forget about the negativity. Everyone in life has moments of self-doubt and I wanted this song to be a positive anthem to elevate one’s sense of self.

I just released my first acoustic original single Fearless Acoustic on September 30th. It’s inspired by and dedicated to the people of Fiji that have been affected by natural disasters. Proceeds from the acoustic single go towards The Jazmin Fund. The music video marks and pays tribute to the one year anniversary for my charitable project, completing the Naidi Village art focused community hall. The video was shot and edited in Fiji by Katie Edwards.

On protecting the environment

We only have one planet, and the environment is precious and needs protecting. My father has set a huge example for me. Although, I found the passion for humanitarian work on my own at a young age, my father is an incredible person and I admire all of his work. I’m proud to have him as a father and for setting an example to others especially world leaders on making important humanitarian and environmental issues visible. I was very happy to attend the EVER Monaco event with him early last year in Monaco after my Rallye participation. I was asked and continue to speak about my challenging yet rewarding experience in driving the first electric car in the new electric car category for the Rallye in Morocco and now in China.

My family and Grandmother Grace Kelly have definitely inspired me. There is so much I want to see done in my lifetime and so many areas I am passionate about. My hope for today is that we can all come together to turn the negative effects of climate change around for a better tomorrow and end all forms of suffering. Knowledge is power and education will set us all free.

On her sustainable style

Lately, my focus on fashion has been geared towards sustainability. I love designers that focus on reusing materials or use sustainable materials. I am making it a point this year to wear brands that I know are eco-friendly that I can confidently wear and promote. I like to see which luxury brands are stepping up as well. I believe those of us who have a platform should be speaking out about these sustainability and environmental issues and holding brands we consume accountable. I have begun to use the Good on You app as a benchmark for brands, and I also have started a relationship with Positive Luxury. I also love wearing brands that have a strong voice with a female empowerment focus. I enjoy discovering up-and-coming designers you can find at smaller boutiques where I know how the garments are made and what materials are being used or shopping for vintage looks. I am an ambassador for the Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation 100 million Campaign to end child labour. So it’s important for me to wear clothing and work with designers that have integrity.

On what’s next for her

My single, Thankful, was just released yesterday (December 16). I wrote and produced it with my partner, Ian Mellencamp. I’m also helping to fundraise for a new project through my charity. We will be building a new female focused Community Hall in Urata village in Fiji alongside Caukin Studio set to build in summer 2020. donations are welcomed on my website as we have to raise funds before spring!

This past year, I worked on the Amazon series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and in a supporting role in my first feature Indie film, Cicada. My goal is to continue to work as much as I can to build my experience in front of the camera and on stage. In terms of my singing, I hope to continue to release new songs and get back to my love of live performance. I would love to start working with a music label or eventually start my own label or production company. I hope to be able to release some exciting news about an upcoming musical I will be part of in the new year.

For the Community Hall, my hope is that we can continue programs established on this last trip. A concert, local artist workshops, music and reading committee on Saturdays, and relationships with resorts to teach others about the culture and also provide income to the villagers in selling their crafts. I love Fiji and would love to continue projects there, but my hope is that I can have thriving projects in Fiji and then extend them to other parts of the world in need as well.

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