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Danielle Fichera on her sustainability initiatives

Sustainability initiatives are at the core of everything we do here at Positive Luxury, and in turn, they are a massive focus for every single brand we work with. Although it might not be an ideal time for anyone to shop right now, if you are interested in supporting brands who are doing great work, both during and outside of the current pandemic, we’ve collected a variety of initiatives the brands in our community are continuing to work on. Read on to learn more.

Elisa Pantazopolous, Founder of ELI-O

“If we’ve learned anything during this confinement it’s that we won’t be going back to ‘normal’ when these surreal times are over. In fact, ‘normal’ wasn’t working. These times forced us to slow down, to concentrate on what is essential. Now more than ever, it is important to change the way we consume and invest in pieces we will cherish a lifetime. I hand craft made-to-order pieces using only recycled precious materials, so that your jewel keeps its shine throughout the centuries.”

Sandy Tabatznik, Creative Director of Lalela Scarf

“Just before South Africa’s nationwide lockdown was announced, our facilitators were in the final stages of our much-anticipated March holiday programming. Our holiday programs provide necessary structure along with fun and creative activities for children during the long days away from their classrooms, when supervision at home may be limited. The suspension of our holiday programming inspired our facilitators to find a creative solution to maintain engagement through South Africa’s lockdown. We created virtual programming to keep our Lalela community united during this time of adversity. Every day, a #lalelalockdownchallenge is posted on the Lalela Lockdown Challenge WhatsApp group and Facebook page.

These challenges are creative and educational with a focus on helping the learners to stay safe while also being purposely kept brief and to the point, ensuring that learners are able to draw from their immediate surroundings and use readily available materials and resources. Winning works are chosen according to Likes received as well as facilitator group votes, and they receive a prize of 500 megs of data, sent directly to them, helping to ensure they are able to stay connected. To see highlighted artworks from each challenge, follow @lalelaproject on instagram or visit the #lalelalockdownchallenge Facebook page. With a large percentage of their profits benefitting Lalela, shopping Lalela Scarf is a meaningful way to show your support for the power of life-changing arts and programming like #lalelalockdownchallenge.”

Bea Sanz-Corella, Founder of Kmana

“Despite closing our shop and halting the international shipping, we have decided to keep all our staff and continue providing support to the workshops and cooperatives we work with, because most of them are struggling to stay afloat. We have also started a special production of reusable masks to distribute in the community and have expanded our giving back efforts towards the most vulnerable Balinese groups.  Many people are losing their jobs as the island is empty of tourists.”

Ivana Iesini, Founder of ALBIVA

“At ALBIVA, we incorporate ethical, environmental and social factors in all we do. Alongside our numerous sustainable initiatives sits our passion for charitable giving. ALBIVA donates £1 from the sale of every product to charity. Wanting to be as transparent as possible, the company has set the amount rather than percentage of the profits. We have also recently donated 6,000 face moisturiser sachets to Oxford Health NHS Charity following their appeal for special care packs to help their frontline workers. We believe that it is more critical than ever to come together as a community to support and protect those most in need.”

Cate Claus, Founder of Thesis Gems

“I’m proud of many of our efforts to be more sustainable. We are going off the grid with solar energy at our studio, we recently became licensees of Fairmined gold, and we continue to expand our philanthropic partners with donations to Médecins Sans Frontières and No Kid Hungry. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the most impactful thing I am doing is focusing on my other profession, which is as a pediatrician in California.”

Monica Magdas Miller, Founder and CEO of Santicler

“One of our sustainable initiatives is supply chain integrity, and I believe that more than ever, that resonates with our customers. The silver lining of this pandemic is that we all had to re-examine what is important in our lives and what matters the most. More than ever, we care to know about the products that we consume. Food and beauty products have already gone through an organic revolution and it is only natural that our attention is turning now towards our closets, the origin of our garments and the stories that are encompassed within each one of them. I believe apparel companies are increasingly being held accountable and their actions, rather than their marketing campaigns, is what will sway consumer spending and loyalty.”

Lisa Franklin, Founder of Lisa Franklin

“We have just launched a new two-fold initiative in support of OneTreePlanted. Firstly, we are donating money to plant more trees than we use every time we manufacture packaging. Secondly, we are offering our customers the ability to donate £1 to help plant one tree with every order. Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitats to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. Forests provide jobs to more than 1.6 billion people, absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere, and are key ingredients in 25% of all medicines and used in skincare too. There is also evidence that global deforestation will contribute to further increases in pathogen outbreaks when animal habitats are destroyed and biodiversity lost to provide space for intensive farming.”

Grace Lee, Vice President of Public Relations for Luxe Collective, parent company of SALT of Palmar

“It is in SALT of Palmar’s DNA to put the local community at our core. We work very closely with the community whom we call SALT Shakers, for our room amenities, pottery decorations in the hotel, as well as providing out guests with an authentic experience of Mauritian dining in one of the local’s home. During this challenging COVID-19 time, we’ve been busy with producing 500 2-ply reusable masks made of our cotton bedsheets for the underprivileged living in villages near the hotel.”

Patricia Fernández, Communications Manager at Sepai

“Packaging is sometimes more energy consuming and less necessary than the product itself. Going back to basics and understanding how to improve the relation quality and waste reduction is paramount. At Sepai, we take into account the processes of reduction of waste as well as responsible recycling methods. With a mindful approach to the environment, our products have been plastic-free since 2009 using glass jars to package each range, where 30% of the glass is recycled.”

Jacqueline Lopez, Founder of Jaline Resort

“Right now, Jaline is making facial masks, all from our leftover fabrics. They are 100% cotton, and each has a cotton pocket to add a filter such as a paper towel or tissues, which blocks droplets from the virus. All are machine washable, reusable and keeps ‘made in NYC’ alive.  We are so happy to repurpose our fabrics for a good cause.”

Livia Manca di Villahermosa, Founder of Balance Holidays

“At Balance Holidays, we believe wellbeing extends beyond the realms of everyday life into our approaches towards nature. Which is why we hold an emphasis on the chosen destination, nature-based activities and each plate of freshly prepared, field-to-fork food in our programme design. The underlying principle is to not only help each guest understand how to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle at home, but to appreciate and respect Mother Nature, our provider and home.”

Melissa Obeid, Founder of LA FERVANCE

“Every LA FERVANCE decision is underlined by certified sustainability, with the most relevant at this time of home self-care being the multi-functional design of our proven active ‘all in one’ ECLAT EXTRAORDINAIRE gold infused beauty balm. It effectively streamlines the daily ritual, as an instant golden glow morning product, an intense emulsion treatment, a ‘TransformActive’ sleep mask and all from traceable 100% natural origins. Less products, packaging, environmental impact and greater results.”

Dr. Mariano Spiezia, Founder of Inlight Beauty

“It’s difficult to break down sustainability initiatives for a company that has sustainability at its heart, however now more than ever it is the very time to measure that what you do, and how you can sustain our planet. We haven’t changed much since sustainability has become such a ‘talked’ word as we have been deeply rooted into the organic world since our outset. Sustainable and organic go very much hand in hand. Why? Organic farming is the one that will sustain the farm’s productivity for generation, respecting nature by reducing pollution, conserving water, reducing soil erosion and increasing its fertility, using less energy, helping animals and people who can breathe air with no pesticides.

Of course sustainability expands beyond farming, food, and wellness products, and it needs to be a way of life with a mindful approach to what we choose every day and our approach to relationships. One crucial question we should ask in everything we do is ‘is this really sustainable?’ and remind ourselves that sustainability is something that supports, maintains, holds; all processes that need continuity, actions that need to be contemplated at 360 degrees. Positive actions of today will last over time, inspiring generations to come.”

Danielle Fichera, Founder of Danielle Fichera

“As one of the cornerstones of Danielle Fichera’s mission, we believe strongly in sustainability, ethical production, and philanthropy. We seek opportunities that align with our values and allow us to give back. In the past year, we’ve partnered with Mary Alice Stevenson + Glam4Good, an organisation that ignites positive social change through style. Beyond providing donations, we’ve also donated excess samples and inventory where the pieces were used for a prom initiative for 100 teens battling life-threatening illness at Montefiore Children’s Hospital. In addition, we have donated to Glam4Good’s COVID-19 Fund.”

Bav Tailor, Founder of Bav Tailor

“Each Bav Tailor piece tells a story that resonates positive wellbeing. My yoga wear/athleisure pieces are made from 100% natural and renewable resources including poste-waste milk fibres. A specialty fibre which aside from feeling lustrous like a second skin upon touch, possesses natural antibacterial benefits, and contains the natural humectant factor which can help to regulate skin moisture and provide air permeability.”

Elisa Fiocchi, Marketing Manager at NO KA ‘OI

“Sustainability is at the absolute core of NO KA ‘OI, and we champion this across every touchpoint of our brand, from design to production right through to distribution and more. As the COVID-19 situation continues to put our lives on hold for the foreseeable future, we are putting all our efforts into sharing positivity and solace to our audience through a range of mindful and meditative exercises, stretches, activities, playlists and blogs to help keep people going, both physically, mentally and emotionally. By championing a home workout campaign and promoting a healthy lifestyle throughout our platform, we have found that our audience is more engaged than ever. We truly are all in this together.

NO KA ‘OI is also inspired by the example of Rilievi Group and its ethically made culture in the social and environmental sphere. Since its foundation in the ’90s, Rilievi Group has embraced a sustainable culture being one of the main companies in the luxury sector to obtain the SA8000: 2014 certification for the India division, in order to protect workers’ rights. In 2019, Rilievi was compliant with the ISO14001 environmental standards, and obtained the Get It Fair recognition, based on the OCSE guidelines and ISO 26000 principles.”

If you want to connect with us and have stories to share, please email us on Stay well and stay positive.

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