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Watch to watch and read and listen to

As we move through another week at home, you might be running out of ideas when it comes to what to watch, listen to, or read. Luckily, the amazing people who lead the brands in the Positive Luxury community have some excellent suggestions. Read on for their favourite podcasts, playlists and movies that are helping them decompress and unwind.

Jacqueline Lopez, Founder of Jaline Resort

“I am reading  JFK and Mary Meyer: A Love Story, by Jesse Kornbluth. I enjoy reading biographies, and love how Jesse brings this topic to life. It is so compelling and intriguing. I love listening to podcasts, but now with COVID-19, I try to listen to the current news once, in the morning. I listen to The Globalist from Monocle and NPR. Then, to try and make the day lighter and decompress, I love Desert Island Discs. They have a vast archive, and I enjoy listening to past interviews of people I admire or want to learn more about.”

Mateja Benedetti, Founder of Benedetti Life

“I love to listening Eckhart Tolle and Abraham Hicks. I’m reading a book called Energy Medicine for Women: Aligning Your Body’s Energies to Boost Your Health and Vitality, written by David Feinstein and Donna Eden. I deactivated my Facebook account and I check news just once per week. This makes me more calm and focussed on the positive things I would like to do in the future. I love chill out music, like Depeche Mode, Daft Punk and ’80s music.”

Sam Gray, Creative Director at ARgENTUM apothecary

“If ever there was a time to do all the things we wish we could ‘if only we had the time,’ it’s now. I love listening to music while I’m doing… almost anything. And that includes reading some of the books sitting patiently on the table next to the bed. Understanding How Fear Works with Frank Furedi, and Moonwalking with Rob Self-Pierson open my mind to experiences that don’t belong to me and the possibility of new things. Choosing to connect with an understanding other than my own is fascinating and helps to ease my thoughts. Introduce a little Reverie by Ludovico Einaudi and the pressures of the day fade away.

We all love music at work, too. Every morning (before we started working at home) we’d ask each other ‘who’s going to DJ today?’ That’s where the idea to dedicate the homepage of our website to ARgENTUM’s twelve Spotify Playlists began. It’s a little easy listening mixed with some colouring-in, for you, for the kids, for everyone. You can draw your card at random and download the illustration our wheel selects while listening to the same playlist, or choose the card you like the most. It’s up to you. The question is, can you colour inside the lines?”

Bénédicte Foucart, Founder of Valeur Absolue

“In this time of uncertainties, I am giving priority to books, movies and audio that uplift and feed the soul. I don’t watch news on TV anymore but I read the French ‘Le Monde’ daily to get a more objective and less dramatic and sensational view of the situation. I am also reading this great book from Glennon Doyle, Untamed; lots of food for thought and very well written. During my daily morning walk (we still can do this in Switzerland), I also listen to podcasts of some of my favourite broadcasts and playlists.”

Monica Magdas Miller, Founder of Santicler

“The books that I am reading right now are The Ecology of Commerce by Paul Hawken and Green to Gold by my former professor, Dan Esty and Andrew Winston. Both books discuss ways in which companies can use environmental strategy to innovate, foster sustainable growth and become resilient in the face of climate change. They are fascinating reads and I believe after we get past this pandemic, their advice will be more relevant than ever. Reading helps me unwind and learning new things takes my mind from what is happening all around and focus my energy on dreaming of a brighter future.”

Dr Stuart Kaplan, Founder of KAPLAN MD

“I am still very busy in my practice seeing patients for essential medical needs, working 12 hour days. From the moment I get home, I play with my kids, and I like to listen to music – I love the classics, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Beatles and John Denver, to help me unwind from the long, busy day.”

Larada Lamsam, Founder of Washed Ashore

“In times like these, I try to turn inward and focus on what I can control, which is my mind. One of my most favourite authors is the German author Hermann Hesse, so I have been picking up my favourite of his works, Wandering: Notes and Sketches, for the hundredth time. This love letter to nature encompasses all that I love: philosophies, mere admiration of nature, and of course his sketches. This little treasure has been keeping me calm, reminding me of how much we can all learn from nature.”

The Jota-Kena team

“We’ve been reading quite a few BoF case studies and then one or two business and leadership books like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. To unwind, it’s poetry and old favourites by Jane Austen. During the week, we spend most of our time focusing on research, reading and design inspiration, and in the evenings, we watch Our Planet or Night On Earth episodes. Seeing the beauty and wonder of nature, especially in this time, has been particularly refreshing. We’ve also enjoyed tuning in to Positive Luxury’s webinars.

On the weekends, we enjoy watching movies with the family. Some recommendations include The Monuments Men, About Time, and The Help. We listen to podcasts like The Science of Success and Fashion No Filter, and we’ve been playing a lot of vinyl, from classic compositions by Tchaikovsky and Mozart to some old jazz favourites including Coltrane and Nat King Cole. All this has helped us decompress in so many ways, from reviving and creating beautiful memories to inspiring new hopes, dreams and strategies, reminding us of all the beauty and perseverance in the world and shifting our focus to all we have to be grateful for.”

Almira Armstrong, Founder and Creative Director of Lumira

“I am currently reading Good to Great by Jim Collins and Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid. I have been watching some favourite old movies such as The Big Blue, Great Expectations, The Breakfast Club, Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman.  I have also been keeping active with F45 online and the kids also join in from our lounge room. Time out for yourself is so important and these little pieces of enjoyment make the difference.”

Bav Tailor, Founder of Bav Tailor

“I am listening to the insightful podcasts and webinars by Positive Luxury, BoF Live, Common Objective, Meditations which include Deepak Chopra, and Pranayama Sound Baths by Laura Piai. Aside from general news, I’m reading Inner Engineering by Sadhguru, and Fashion. Business. Spirituality by Farah Liz Pallaro. I’m participating in webinars, a special Project Hope by Payal Kshatriya Cerri and daily doses of yoga. All of these elements allow me to stay connected with the situation that surrounds us, whilst working on my inner ecology. Remaining conscious helps me to prioritise my workload, support those around me, and plan positively for the new future that dawns upon us.”

Jorn Werdelin, Co-founder of Linde Werdelin

“I find reading positive in all manners and ways. It inspires, it relaxes, it questions, it solves problems. Together with physical exercise it is in my top two priorities most days. Right now, I’m reading The Cartiers by Francesca Cartier Brickell and Big Sister, Little Sister, Red Sister by Jung Chang. Both describe, from different perspectives, the big changes of the 20th century, and it certainly puts the coronavirus in perspective.”

Isabel Llorens, Co-founder and CEO of Rusticae

“I am finishing Limónov, by Emmanuel Carrère. It is a superb novel about the life of a passionate, excessive character who was an opponent of Putin, half hero, half bizarre. Also, I am listening (and dancing) to flamenco all the time. I love Mayte Martín, everything in this flamenco singer is special. And I’ve just finished watching the new season of Money Heist, the most international Spanish production. I love watching this series with my son.”

Dawn Foxall, Founder of Foxology

“We’re reading Oprah Winfrey’s What I Know For Sure, which is an amazing read that seems to just put everything in to perspective and teaches gratitude. We love to listen to the Calm app podcasts. They feature guest speakers and it is a really nice form of escapism just now. It’s important to remain calm and keep perspective at a testing time like this and by getting out of your head as it were, can only be good. We’re also not watching the news too much.”

Melissa Obeid, Founder of LA FERVANCE

“At the start of the enforced confinement in France, now in week four, I (naively) thought I’d finally have time to read through the stack of books on my bedside table. Apart from a regular dust off, I’ve yet to open them. I was also excited by the many virtual museum tours, theatre shows and educational resources on offer for adults and children.  We have barely enjoyed these either.

Juggling the demands of LA FERVANCE with home schooling two pre-teens (officially on “school holidays” as of Monday!) is extremely time consuming and I’m in my office more than ever before. This is an invaluable opportunity to sew meaningful seeds and review how we communicate our key messaging and brand story, as these elements will resonate more than ever post COVID-19 with discerning consumers.

Our musical soundtrack includes anything from French rap (our son’s preferred genre), ‘80s hits, classical music to maintain the calm and a lot of Bill Withers this week in homage of his passing. We’re also enjoying Let’s Dance dance offs and the odd documentary and introducing the kids to some classic comedy like Jerry Lewis’ Rock a Bye Baby, and Abbot & Costello for a belly laugh. Today, a friend in Australia sent me the link to The Universe Has Your Back on Audible, which I intend to commence this evening. Regular Zoom aperitifs with girlfriends has been a Godsend, as are my Sisterhood gatherings for spiritual inspiration.

On Sunday we celebrated our son’s 13th Birthday with an international dial in which was beautiful. I’ve also got the children keeping a journal and I’m being more diligent with my journal entries too, as I’m sure this will make an amazing book one day.”

Livia Manca di Villahermosa, Founder of Balance Holidays

“As we established a very specific routine since I am staying with my parents in Rome during this time, our time to decompress is after lunch. We take three chairs on the small terrace we have and sit there for a bit. We breathe fresh air, take some sun and each listen to music depending on the mood of the day. The past few days, it has been the best Italian hits of the ’50s and ’60s as I am getting ready to post-war mode.”

If you want to connect with us and have stories to share, please email us on Stay well and stay positive.

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